Candidate 1:


  1. What is body language & deductive reasoning?
  2. How would you identify whether a person is insecure? What body language would you see in them? What initiatives would you take to help them?
  3. Do you observe people intentionally or generally see people when you are outside as hobby?
  4. Tamil Nadu is developed state, why it needs a “Smart City”?
  5. What is the significant feature in Tamil Nadu?
  6. Instead of spending for creating smart cities, Why can’t the Government use those funds for other pressing issues in Tamil Nadu?
  7. Other than Smart Cities, What does Tamil Nadu really need?
  8. Why Chennai requires more drinking water year after year.


Member 1:

  1. Why a long gap from 2006 to 2013? What were you doing in those years?
  2. When did you played Football – School days or College?
  3. What taxation initiatives Indian Government took for companies in India?
  4. What is the rationale behind using Annual audit for Cooperative Societies than Concurrent Audit? Is it not concurrent audit, less cumbersome?
  5. Which is best initiative and feasible – Bringing Black money from overseas or from domestic (within India)?


Member 2:

  1. Situation Question: You are DM of a district, It is ridden with Caste / communal based problems. How will you create better social harmony in your district?
  2. Can Law and Order be used stringently in those areas?
  3. Between India – China, what are the future possible contentious issues which could create a war like scenario?

Member 3:

  1. Commercialization of Education is happening in Tamil Nadu. How it originated? How can Government solve it?
  2. Future of e-commerce in India?
  3. E-commerce, Private Banks indulge in fraudulent activities and public cry cheating? How Government can solve them? How to protect customers from being exploited?


Member 4:

  1. How India – ASEAN relationship can benefit South India?
  2. Due to Mangrove forests, some areas of Tamil Nadu are not affected by Tsunami. What initiatives taken by Government in Tamil Nadu to utilize Mangrove Forestry to avoid future devastation by Tsunami?
  3. Why Tamil Nadu is hindering India – Sri Lanka relationship over Tamil people issues?
  4. Why Political parties in Tamil Nadu take up Tamil people in Sri Lanka issue quite often? What is the rationale behind it?
  5. What is the future of Tamil people in Sri Lanka after implementation of 13th Amendment in Sri Lanka?
  6. Indian fishermen crossing International Maritime Boundary Line (IMBL) for greater fish catch. How it becomes Tamil issue?
  7. Recently, Chinese silk sarees are introduced in India as Kancheepuram silk sarees. Has the problem been resolved?


Candidate 2:

Chairperson :

  1. What have you been doing since you left your job
  2. We are having many small intensity earthquakes after 25th April Nepal Earthquake. What are these called in Geography and what is the reason behind it.
  3. Your education background is much different from the job you are trying for (i.e. Civil Services). What made you think about getting into these services.
  4. If you are the DM of a district, which is struck by earthquake, then what different steps you would take to ensure security of people there esp. Of vulnerable sections. (most probably Madam’s indication was towards the women and children and their security in aftermath of disasters esp. Preventing their exploitation and trafficking , etc – but I completely missed this context.)
  5. What is good governance.
  6. From earlier days to present time , how has the bureaucracy changed.
  7. What can we expect from PM’s visit to China.


Member 1:

  1. You are a student of geography. Tell us what precautionary measures can be taken with regards to earthquakes, for example in cities like Delhi.
  2. Tell us about your hobbies and define as to what you mean by these.
  3. You have been preparing since so long. Why do you think you will be able to get through this exam.
  4. Fishermen issue between India and Pakistan and also between India and Srilanka. Why do you think , these keep happening and what is the solution to these.
  5. (He asked a few more questions, but I don’t remember them now.)


Member 2:

  1. You left such a high paying job in 2010. You are doing so without any fall back option. You are taking such a big risk . What will happen if you continue to take such risks in administration also.
  2. Why is shipping industry not performing well in the world and in India. (related to my previous job)
  3. How is Baltic Index calculated. (related to my previous job)
  4. Why is India not being able to produce good sprinters / short distance runners. (this question was drawn from my DAF information.) After this a few counter questions followed
  5. What is the actual name of “the flying sikh”.
  6. What is the name of his son- he is also quite famous and in a different sports (he was referring to Jeev Milkha Singh associated with Golf .)

Member 3:

  1. From what all you have said , it appears that you are looking for a secure job that doesn’t has hardships of your previous job.
  2. Do you think that security of job is responsible for the lack of accountability in government organisation.
  3. Should we continue with the present system or should we go for “hire and fire” policy as in the private sector. (relating to this a few counter questions followed.)

Member 4:

  1. What is the reason for poor development of our inland waterways and What are the advantages of Inland waterways if these are developed properly.
  2. Is the colonial rule also responsible for the present state of our inland waterways. (This seems to be a trap question and I fell into the trap unaware of the fact that It were the Britishers who were behind the east coast and west coast canal and we haven’t done much addition to it.)
  3. Which ports did you travel to .
  4. What was your ship’s length , its deadweight, and the ship type.
  5. You belong to Jharkhand. So tell us 5 advantages that Jharkhand has had because of separation from Bihar.
  6. So according to you , we should go for smaller states. (I said that”not necessarily Sir. It should depend on the case to case basis.”)
  7. He put a few counter questions to this.
  8. What steps is Jharkhand taking to curb climate change.
  9. Does the new coal policy of the central government beneficial to your state of Jharkhand. If yes , then is the benefit only in economic sphere of has direct human dimension also.


Your interview is over. You can go now.

The interview lasted for 30 minutes and I felt that I could have answered some questions much better, but still it

Candidate 3:


  1. Have been to states outside karnataka?
  2. If u r admin in haryana how will u address the problem of sex ratio?
  3. Education system has developed so much.. ( big question) then why still so many atrocities against women..? If u hv to change what will u change?

Member 1:

  1. Modi has been making so many foreign tours… R v benefiting from it? If so how? why domestic neglected? Or else is he roaming around for his fancy?
  2. There are religion intolerance happening every where… ( big question) as a Dm or as an sp wt steps do u take priority basis to control them?
  3. What is the immediate step that u ll take?

Member 2:

  1. From 1990 till now which cricketer do u admire more? Why?
  2. Sachin has no record of playing on the fourth innings when compared to Rahul dravid or vvs laxman.. Why so?
  3. What is debt equity ratio
  4. What is PE ratio?
  5. How do manage a corporate?
  6. Chandrababu naidu recently said he is the CEO of Andhra… How do u compare corporate management and state management?

Member 3:

  1. What r the recommendations of 14th finance commission?Questions revolving around that.
  2. Rousseau’ general will r u familiar with? The haryana ppl general will is to have khap panchayats.. What right do outsiders have to object it??
  3. Are there any permanent partners in international relations?
  4. US and EU, china and Pak are permanent arent they?
  5. Which comes first morality or national interest? Why?

Member 4:

  1. What r the things we adopted from the British in the state of karnataka travancore nd kerela?
  2. What was India’s position in trade prior to east India company ?
  3. What was opium trade of the British all about ?


Candidate 4:

  1. Compare between development of Gujarat and Maharashtra.
    2. Tell me about power sector of Gujarat. What are the energy resources used in Gujarat? Tell me about solar power.
    3. What is good administration
    4. Water problem in Maharashtra, solution.
    5. What is fracking
    6. Do you know dead sea? What are its features?
    7. Should there be reservation for minorities? Why it’s not provided by the government? Tell me two specific regions where reservations for minorities is needed.
    8. Should Gita be adopted as a national book? Should upnishada be adopted as a national book?
    9. What is secularism? Is not having UCC against secular principles?
    10. Football – What’s offside? What’s exception to that? Are the footballs hand stitched or machine stitched? Which type of footballs were used in last world cup.
    11. What steps would you take as a sports minister to bring 10 gold in coming Olympics?
    12. What’s juvenile justice system? What’s CWC? What actions are taken for missing children?
    13. Power minister has given statement that our public sector power companies are producing surplus power wrt demand. Still why there is shortage of electricity in many parts of our country?
    14. What’s nuclear policy of India? What’s policy of India wrt nuclear weapons
    15. Which significant agreement we signed with Canada? We also signed an agreement with Australia for uranium supply, Do you see that as a success of our diplomacy?
    16. Why people oppose nuclear power plant? What issues are there wrt nuclear power plants? What are the techniques used for nuclear waste management?
    17. China is engaged with Pakistan in arms trade. Is India engaged with China in arms trade? Which other countries does it supply arms?
    18. Briefly in 3-4 sentences, tell me reasons for rivalry between India and China.
    19. Which personality form ancient or medieval era do you like? Why?
    20. Swami Vivekananda- Was he promoting Hinduism or Indianism? What’s his original name?

Candidate 5:

  1. How has society changed over the last 20 years
  2. How has family changed
  3. How can we solve naxal issue
  4. What makes a good administrator
  5. Why is your company number 1 today
  6. Who is a good leader
  7. Why should kids play and study and not just study
  8. What are some key issues in software development
  9. You like change, are you comfortable doing the same thing for 3 – 4 years
  10. Mention some social evils and solutions
  11. How can we solve power sector problem in India
  12. Street dogs are a menace, wats the solution

Candidate 6:

  • Chairman
  1. You are computer engineer and have got very good marks and dream internship of IT world, then why civil services?
  2. What are u doing since 2011?
  3. Oh nice, tell me about NAC
  4. What is your views regarding banning of recent India’s daughter documentary?
  5. What steps can you take as an administrator for ensuring empowerment of women?
  6. Tell what you think about the changes being brought to juvenile justice act?
  7. Dont you think those who commit heinous crime deserve to be treated as adults?
  • Member 1:
  1. Asked question about an equation and its properties(Maths Optional)
  2. Why did you go to engineering after 12th if you wanted to do civil services?
  3. How can you utilize your computer engineering skills in administration?
  4. What is NKN?
  5. How can it be leveraged for various applications and areas?
  • Member 2:
  1. Where and all have you trekked?(Trekking is my hobby)
  2. What changes have you noticed in western ghats over the time you have trekked?
  3. What is reason behind the closure of mining? Envt issues or peoples opposition
  4. Why is IS recruits from India is low when compared to US or Europe?
  5. What steps should government take to lean away from any evil influence of IS on India? Is government doing it?
  6. Do you follow foreign policy? What is the issue which is being discussed hotly currently?(I said china visit of PM)
  7. What should be the policy of India towards China?
  8. Lets check what this generation think of 1962 war. Whats ur view on it?
  • Member 3:
  1. When and how did you start practicing yoga?
  2. What and all do you do?
  3. How has it helped in your life?
  4. In which position do you play Hockey?
  5. How is the recent performance of Indian hockey team?
  6. Do you know what recently PM has talked about Google?
  • Member 4:
  1. Why didn’t u join military service?
  2. Tell about the growth vs inflation conundrum being faced now in the country?
  3. RBI is not reducing the policy rates, bank are not obeying RBI and the growth is suffering, what to do?
  4. How to overcome it? What can be done?


Candidate 7:

Chairman :
1: your hobby is reading novel…which one is the latest one?
I: premashram

2: what is its teaching:
I: mam it is written by premachandra and its teaching is simple living and high thinking.

3:who has depicted this thing in the novel?
I: Premashankar

4: i am asking ******** who in the novel has depicted this( she probably got confused with lots of prem )
I: mam premshankar is cousin brother of gyanshankar and who has returned from America and has discarded all his wealth and is living with villagers to cure their problem…so mam premshankar has depicted simple living and high thinking.

5:poverty percentage in u.p?
i: mam i dont know the exact figure for it…but i feel it could be more than 50%.

6:okay… ********** how u think this can be solved…what will be your focus point..
i: mam being coming from farming section and have seen poverty i feel education is one area where we must focus more.

7: why education…
I:: mam…a quality education involving skill development can eliminate poverty

8: you are a computer science engineer what you can do
i: mam……with the help of technology i can ensure better delivery of policies …will connect people and people can be well aware about the happening around them.

9: kumar….there are some institutional problem how will you tackle them
i:yes mam…there are problem related to absentees, level of teaching and competency of kids in school and mam via it i can ensure more strict vigilance for that….govt of up has model of shikshamitra where these deficiencies have surfaced.

10: kumar do you have any innovation via IT which can bring great change…( dimag ki batti udd gai..never thought about such question)…took few second pause..started recollecting various vague ideas …but came none
I: mam field of internet and technology is very vast and it still need to be explored ….mam at present i donot have innovative idea but if anything new and exciting application or idea will come across i will try to implement it.

11:do you known about bitcoin?
I: yes mam

12: what it is?
i: mam its a virtual currency used over internet .

13: is it allowed in india?
I: mam it is allowed by govt of india but cautious approach is attached to it.

14: is it allowed by goi or rbi?
i: mam rbi

15: yes rbi regulate the currency in india.
so you have exciting interest of palm reading..what it is?
i: mam…its an interest which i have developed off late …through my friends and newspaper article which made me curious to known about it….

16:how via palm you can predict the future…
I: mam predicting future via palm involves probablity depending upon exposure and experience…as i have developed this interest in last couple of years…mam i am at nascent stage to say more on it. and mam lines are due to biological reasons..which are there to provide toughness to hand.

kumar you have worked in arihant publication what you did there.
I: told her..

18: is it coaching institute.
i: told her

19 are you working somewhere
i: no mam but i am selected in my stae PCS exam….
ch: good….

Member 1:
1: you are an cse student how it can help administration…
I: told the usual points..rationality, decision making, coherence, based upon induction and deduction.

2: do computer have brains.
i: no sir

3: then how it can help in decision making…
i: told him about programming, data and value of induction and deduction.

4: unnat bharat abhiyan..
i: sorry sir…i cannot recollect it.

5: do you think rapid computerization will lead to decrease in workforce ?
i: sir i think it has to be seen..

6: why u think so..
i: computerisation also involves programmer, updation, security, maintenance nad data…sir it may increase the workforce sir..hence sir i want to seen the effect of computerisation.

7: use of it?
i: told

8; what is e governance..
i: gto g , g to p. g to b..

9: do you believe in future?
i: no sir…i believe in doing and then see what happens..

10: have you got your hand read?
I: no sir..

11: never?
i: yes sir

Member 2:

1:have you read todays newspaper?
i: yes sir

2: which one
I: the hindu and indian express

3: what is most striking headline which caught your attention?
i: sir pm addressing nation and calling for co operative federalism

4:what is co operative fedearlism
I: structure where stae and centre…state and state work together for the development of nation.

5:do you have interest in foreign policy?( a question i always want others to ask….there was sparkle in my eyes and he saw it)
i: yes sir

6: what is two latest happening around the globe?
I: sir russia ukraine and bombardment on yemen by saudi arabia.

7: president has visited russia should he.
I: sir russia is celebrating victory in second world war as russia is our trusted ally we should stand with it .

8: later china is also going to undertake such activity…should we be present there?( dont know about it)
I: yes sir….china is our partner and competitor and we should take part there too

9: later pm is going to visit china..what should be his focus area?
I: sir we need to have cautious approach towards china and should raise land boundary and trade deficit issue.

10: what about incursion and security issue.
I: sir its a complicate and disputed issue and a cautious approach ned to be adopted.

11: you have heard about swatchh bharat abhiyan..why such a drive for cleanliness…why indians are known for dirt?
i: sir its due to cultural lag sir…we progressed rapidly and fell short to learn the civic methods and their is dirt in cities ..

12: dirt is not only in urban centres it is also in villages why you think about it..
i: yes sir…their is problem of clenliness…it is because sir…we thought that clenliness is resposibility of other and we delegated it to some specific people…hence sir we lacked the cleanliness around us..but new initiatives are changing the perspective of people.

Member 3:

1: extending the indo china issue..what is stapled visa?
I: answered

2: did india implement it…
I: sir i have a faint idea that it was implemented but sir i am not sure.

3: what is mat?
I: answered

4: what is book profit?
i: answered

5what is ease of governance
i: answered

6:have changes taken place in india…
i: sir according to few articles in newspaper and by opinion of few people changes are yet to be realised ….and i think sir these are structural changes and they will take time.

Member 4:
1: you took sanskrit…knowing that you never have studied it in academic..
I: answered

2: are you playing your sports these days..
i: answered

3:you are selected in your state pcs ?
4: what profile
5: technical question related to something in commercial department..which i was knowing and told sir that i have not joined yet..
6: when is your joining …told him…