Candidate 1:

  • Chairman:
  1. you are working for last three and half year how you manage time to study
  2. whats present milk production,is it sufficient to meet demand what measures to increase production
  3. tell me about your nature of work
  4. most important problem you face
  5. how many veterinary colleges in karnataka
  6. what is stand on crimea ,
  7. what stand india should govt take
  • Member 1:
  1. whats most common disease you encounter
  2. what measures to prevent it
  3. do you think women are disadvantaged in india
  4. What one measure you suggest for it
  5. you are veterinary doctor there is scarcity of doctors dont you thonk its injustice to leave that job
  • Member 2:(lady)
  1. you play chess upto what level you played
  2. what is chaduranga
  3. how playing chess hep you
  4. why are you so particular about a r rahaman(hobby listening to AR R ‘s music)whats special about him
  5. any others music do you listen
  6. whats candidates tournment
  • Member 3:
  1. tell me about mining scams of karnataka(he allowed me to explain in detail)
  2. major steel producing factories in karnataka,any new factories coming up
  3. In which places coffee grown in karnataka,what are varieties of coffee grown in karnataka
  4. when KMF started,is it based on AMUL model,do you think milk producers rights are being proteced in KMF
  • Member 4:
  1. these days we are hearing news of genetically modified animals what is your opinion shoul we support r&d in this(disscussion for few minutes on its ethical concerns pros cons)….once again asked me should we go with it
  2. WHO guidelines for treatment of animals,are we following them…
  • Chairman:
  1. These days an international athlete physically handicapped in news who is it
  2. What for he is in news
  3. What for he is famous