Candidate 1:

  • Chairman :
  1. What do you think about progressive legislation? Should we have it?
  2. What about progressive legislation for children?
  3. Are they going beyond the mandate? Isn’t it better to have children working at tea stalls than sending to school?
  • Member 1 :
  1. As SDM what you would do to increase literacy in your area?
  2. C – Tell us something about the NJAC?
  3. What was the old system?
  • Member 2 :
  1. What is schedule 5 of consti? Is it original or added later?
  2. What is your view on the work done under Schedule 5?
  3. Tell me about Dowry Prohibition ACT? (Lol) and what is defn of dowry under the Act? (Double LOL)\
  4. What section of IPC deals with dowry?
  • Member 3 :
  1. Tell me about SAARC? Its problems
  2. Why the problems?
  3. Name some other regional associations and compare to SAARC?
  4. Which is India’s fav neighbour?
  5. Tell me what is transfer pricing?
  6. Please give some example.
  • Member 4 :
  1. What is your thinking on beef and liquor ban?
  2. Chairman interjects – But liquor consumption is my fundamental right. Comment.
  3. Questions on FR and DPSP
  4. What is your opinion on Death Penalty?
  5. Is it right for state to take revenge on its own citizen by giving death penalty?
  6. How is it possible to bring down crime with death penalty?
  7. Do you think crime will come down if we give lot of death sentence?
  8. What do you do in free time?
  9. Where do you do photogrpahy? (Hobby = photography)
  10. Which movies have you watched recently?
  11. What is the role of Bollywood in our lives?


Candidate 2:

  • Chairperson:
  1. Where did you work?
  2. Location of your hospital?
  3. Your role as finance manager there?
  4. What as back end finance? (i.e. dept under me as finance manager)
  5. Did you used to purchase drugs etc? (purchase dept was under me)
  6. What are medical consumable you used to purchase?
  7. What mischief’s can be done in purchase?
  8. You write poems in hindi, is it published? (i.e my hobby)
  9. What type of poems you write?
  • Member 1:
  1. Your hobby is to follow news on direct tax, source you follow?
  2. Was it part of your job role?
  3. You did MBA after doing CA. What were your subjects in MBA?
  4. What theory you know on motivation?
  5. Any other you know? (i.e I had quoted one)
  6. What was Taylor’s theory regarding management?
  7. What kind of management model was followed in corporate you worked with?
  • Member 2:
  1. You have mentioned about stents. Tell me what type of stents were used in you hospital?
  2. What were the prices of those stents?
  3. Can hospital’s pharmacist be misused to circulate “narcotic drugs”?
  4. Other than prescription mishandle, have you ever seen narcotics like “charas, ganja etc” being routed through pharmacies?
  5. What you know about Global warming?
  6. Why India not cutting CFC?
  7. What should be india’s stand?
  8. What is renewal energy source?
  9. Do you know about bio-chemical enegery?
  • Member 3:
  1. What was outcome of Vodafone case?
  2. What was legal issue in that? Tell me the details of case and present status?
  3. What is IRR?
  4. If a project has IRR 6% will you accept it or reject it?
  5. What are those other criteria? (I have mention on sole financial ground I will not accept project with IRR 6%. But there may be other criteria due to which I may accept it)
  6. What are those criteria?
  7. If you are Govt authority then will you accept it?
  8. What will you look into social impact of project? (I have mentioned that govt is more concerned about public welfare than profit making. So impact project on public will be more important than financial impact)
  9. What you know about Right to Education?
  10. What are the issues in it?
  • Member4:
  1. What is FATF?
  2. Where FATF is based upon?
  3. Is India party to FATF?
  4. What is “One rank one pension”?
  5. What is your view regarding it?


Candidate 3:

  1. Which is higher among gateway of India and India gate?
  2. Why difference between the heights of two?
  3. Who is responsible for ensuring there is a difference.
  4. Draw the map of j&k,n show kargil, daulat beg oldi n chumar area (in news for incursions recently)
  5. Locate PoK
  6. DRAW railway lines in north east.


Candidate 4:

Chairman :

Shivaprakash veeresh baddi…. which one is your name among this?

Me: Shivaprakash sir

Ch: ok… what do friends call u?

Me: Shiva

Ch: tell me name of anyone with that name Shiva

Me: God Shiva sir

Ch: (with a smile).. yes..

Who does assessment in your department.

(Discussion for 2-3 minutes as he was under impression that I was from IT)

Clarified it to him.

Ch: With seamless movement of goods across borders, your department(customs) role will go and thus your department should be wound up

Me: Explained that there are many other roles n hence there will be role shift and we r very much relevant.

Ch: Now under IRS u will be working only with beauracrts but in IAS u will have to work UNDER panchayat members? Why u want to go to IAS still?

Me: If u now go into IAS , your batchmates will b your seniors. How will u keep yourself motivated?


Member 1:

  1. Only 1/3rd part of your career u will b in field. Rest all in secretariat. How will u maintain motivation?
  2. In IRS u will work in metros… if u get Mizoram cadre IAS , u will go?
  3. Which IAS officer is your role model? Why?

Member 2:

  1. Tell me about GST?
  2. Why there are so many ambiguities in service tax?
  3. Is education service taxable?

(Seems he was not happy with our department)

Member 3:

  1. where all u have trekked?
  2. Why u trek?
  3. Where in kuduremukh?
  4. Have u planned any treks in north India?
  5. Have u gone to ladakh?
  6. Which goods have been kept outside GST network?
  7. Why petroleum kept outside now?
  8. Why states are apprehensive of revenue loss?
  9. Revenue neutral rate?
  10. Tobacco why additional excise duty? Cigarettes?
  11. Which party won election in UK?
  12. why they won?
  13. How is it comparable to last year’s result of Indian parliamentary elections?
  14. Wether it’s good for India?
  15. What’s there immigration policies?

Member 5:

  1.  Problem areas in India – China relationship?
  2. What is difference between make in China and make in India
  3.  provisions of black money
  4. exemptions under it

I answered almost al questions except immigration issue of UK

*There was not much of cross questioning

*overall it was cordial


Candidate 5:

  • Chairman :
  1. Name few electronic devices you use in daily life.
  2. What have you studied in communication?
  3. Differentiate between analog communication and digital communication and mention applications of each
  • Member 1(lady):
  1. Mention three problems india is facing
  2. Provide microlevel or grassroot leve solutions to each
  3. Rule oriented vs mission oriented government
  • Member 2:
  1. Tell one major problem of Bengaluru
  2. Provide some innovative solutions to it
  3. What do you know about ISIS?
  4. What do you know about siachen?
  • Member 3:
  1. What is e-governance?
  2. E-governance initiatives of Karnataka
  3. Major initiatives of modi government
  4. Link them with e-governance
  • Member 4:
  1. What is development?
  2. How do you measure it?
  3. What is inclusive growth?
  4. How to achieve it?
  • Chairman :
  1. Social media is being used propagate false messages which are detrimental to the society , mention one such incident from Bengaluru
  2. How do you tackle this problem?
  3. Linked the above question to Section 66 A issue and asked the opinion


Candidate 6:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Most questions regarding my work profile..
  2. Like difference bw metro track and railway track.
  3. Why u want to leave ur job..?
  4. Why trains r so slow in india n why bullet train?
  5. 1 question abt my college .
  • Member 1:
  1. Why india is committing so big targets in cop 21?
  2. Do u think we can really afford to achieve theme?
  3. What is the quality of indian Forest n is it improving n how u can achieve 33% cover? Development vs environment debate N few job related questions…

 Member 2:(lady)

  1. Why carbon is so important? what makes it so important?
  2. How u connect mechanical engineering with Forest?
  3.  what is entropy ? How 2 nd law of Thermodynamics is linked with food chain? Can u link entropy with vegetarian food habits?
  4. Should we adopt vegetarian food to reduce footprint? How can u calculate footprint of human?
  • Member 3:
  1. What is coordination?
  2. Rest questions regarding my work profile n government policies related to railway like tell me about policy initiative  which was in  news  2 day back..


Candidate 7:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. What is Natural language processing?
  2. What part of electrical engineering fascinates you?
  3. He asked why you sold for ferrari for civil services( asked as I have a IEEE journal paper)
  4. As a Forest manager, what will be the priority areas for Forest management?
  5. Give examples for the above?
  • Member 1:
  1. Do you think it’s a good idea to involve uneducated tribals in policy making?
  2. International issues related to trade?what’s the global trend? Don’t you think India is doing the same? Isn’t Make in India a kind of protectionism?
  • Member 2:(a lady member)
  1. What’s present population of india? Population 10 yrs back?
  2. Curve which follows population growth? What factors influence it? Draw logistics growth curve?
  3. What’s demographic transition?
  4. Biomes of India? Trace the evolution of biomes?
  5. Summarise the evolution into key factors?
  6. Difference between Agroclimactic and agro-ecological regions?
  7. What’s resilient ecosystem?
  8. What’s resistant ecosystem?
  9. Is desert a resilient or resistant ecosystem?
  • Member 3:
  1. What’s a Forest village? Indian Forest act vs Forest conservation act? Wildlife protection act key provisions?
  2. Difference between wildlife sanctuary and national park? Difference between Forest area and  Forest cover? A village is there which relies only on fuel wood, but it is illegal there? What will you do?

Interview lasted for around 30 -35 mins.. CM and M1 answered convincingly. M2 screwed me royally.. M3 was ok ok… CM interrupted M3 and Forest village is too technical…


Candidate 8:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Why did you leave a high paying job?
  2. What are you doing now?
  3. How comfortable are you in computer science?
  4. When there is a virus attack in software who will be the culprit? Who are the actors present in this situation?
  5. What is cloud computing? What are its advantages?
  • Member 1:
  1. Urbanisation vs conservation.
  2. Sustainable development
  3. What is Globalisation? Is it pro poor or anti poor?
  4. What is meant by In situ and ex situ conservation?
  5. Gene pool. Genetic engineering.
  6. There are 6 wetlands in India that are internationally recognised. Name them.
  • Member 2:
  1. How do you rate bureaucracy in India? What is the common perception of public on bureaucracy? How was your experience on your recent visit to a govt. office? How will you change the perception after you become a govt. servant?
  2. Recent public outcry against govt. in bangalore. Would you support steel bridge or go for conservation?
  3. Role of NGOs in delivery system in India. Some NGOs were against the development of the country. What is your opinion on this?
  4. What do you mean by core area and buffer zone?
  • Member 3:
  1. Mining vs conservation.
  2. If mining is allowed in buffer area then part of the core area will be converted into a buffer zone. What will you do then?
  3. What are the challenges to wildlife conservation in India?
  4. How do you deal with man animal conflict?
  5. What is IPR? What is the procedure to claim IPR?


Candidate 9:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. What is nagaur known for?
  2. What is current capacity of india?
  3. What is plf?
  4. Why so much capacity is not able to meet even 70% demand- wanted to ask in efficiency term?
  • Member 1:
  1. How to stabilise the slope
  2. What measures to be takedn during erection of hydro power plant for siltation (🤔🤔) how to increase the fodder in rajasthan
  3. What is more useful stall feeding or grazing by animal perspective
  4. Whatbis disadvantages of grazing
  5. Then again came to stall feeding

Member 2:(lady member)

  1. Literally began to harassing
  2. What is C3 and C4 plant what js the difference.  Then asked some techniques related to these( I had no idea.)
  3. Then example of such plants
  4. Which is environmentally sensitive which is environmental adaptable
  5. Then how to reclaim saline soil
  6. Then how to reclaim the water logging soil
  7. After that how to reclaim water logged land (puzzled me again – CM gave example of sri ganganagar) I just answered using the suitable plant species to such land.
  8. She asked give me example.  I gave mangrove species.
  9. What is mangrove?
  10. What are its functions?
  11. Give me few name of mangrove species
  12. Then what is sacred mangrove.
  13. Where is these sacred mangrove located in India
  • Member 3:
  1. Totally power plant related


Candidate 10:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Is that you ?
  2. You Did’t had specs then ?
  3. Hahah… So why wearing now ?
  4. Good… M2 (lady) what’s the power ?
  5. That’s not much… Ok which books have you read. Tell me which should I read and why ?
  6. Some of these books have stuff of carpentry.. if you know what I am referring to ?
  7. Ya that’s right ? What is your opinion about it ?
  8. Which book you think made impact on you and how ?
  9. Which is your favourite area in civil engg. ?
  10. Black cotton soil ? What’s special about it ?
  11. Which foundation suitable for it ? Any other ?
  12. Tell me about bandra worli sea link ?
  • Member 2: (lady)
  1. Why smell just after rain ?
  2. Difference b/w gpp and npp ?
  3. How to increase gpp ?
  4. How sewage treatment is done ?
  5. Use of sewage ?
  6. Difference b/w biogeochemical and geochem cycle ?
  7. Role of decomposers in ecosystem ?
  8. Heavy metals in sewage ?
  • Member 3:
  1. Define GDP, HDI and Sensex.
  2. Relation among them ?
  3. Mentorship and leadership.. what’s the difference ?
  4. Okay so a nation have high GDP growth, Does it mean it have high HDI ?
  5. Components of HDI ?
  6. Okay you mentioned earlier income inequality..tell me about it ?
  7. What should govt. Do ?


Candidate 11:(IFS-2016)


C: showing me my photograph. Is this you?

Me: yes sir

C: so you were in NCC. Did you practice firing.

Me: no

C: how come. I did. All do. Etc

Me: i said I didn’t do it

C: what is make in India and what is our main focus.

Me: told all bakar regarding we need double digit growth to bring people out of poverty. Need higher growth and for that higher export and for that higher manufacturing. Then job etc.

C: automation then how job will be generated

Me: this is a problem but we are simultaneously pushing for decentralized job generation or entrepreneurship. Mudra, start up india, stand up india.

Member 1:

M1: said something

Me: please pardon sir

M1: replied even slower

Me: confused whether to ask again or not. Took some time and M1 asked another question.

M1: what do you know about shale gas

Me: blah blah

Member 2:

M2: why join IFS

Me: bakar as usual

M2: start arguing over my comment on development vs environment. He said we inhale O2 and exhale CO2. With increase in population how can we achieve sustainability. He was mostly arguing rather than asking question. Chairman interviewed and asked M2to ask specific question. But he again start arguing.

Me: I tried to reply humbly in the start but he didn’t want to listen anything and kept arguing. So I mostly kept myself mum with M2.

Member 3:(lady member):

M3:Have you heard BT IT materials engineering?

Me: yup

M3: explain all 3

Me: I did

M3: future of Asia is based on these. Comment

Me: I did.(I asked M3 that can I substantiate with examples. She allowed me to)

M3: tele medicine

Me: I explained

M3: carbon nano tubes

Me: I said that I don’t know much details

M4: organised and unorganized ?

Me: I did

Member 4:

M4: Diff. B/w start up and SMEs

Me: don’t know

M4: why banks don’t fund start up

Me: answered

M4: how to arrange funding then

Me: told all investment tools available

M4: what is the status of crowding in India

Me: explained

M4: what was recent news about petroleum sector(I worked with BPCL for a year)

Me: explained

M4: benefits vs de merits

M4: consequence for competition in the market

C: ok

M1: I want to ask one question

M1: for how long can you hold your breath in kabaddi(I played kabaddi in graduation)

Me: 30-35 sec

C: ok ab nikal le

Me: thank you



Candidate 12:(IFS-2016)

Background b tech in ECE and worked in reliance jio infocomm

  • Chairman:
  1. How is jio different from others
  2. How it will help consumers
  3. What is cellular approach
  4. How will you use ECE knowledge in forest management
  • Member 1:
  1. What is your plan B
  2. Amalgamations are happening in telecom industry. Is it good?
  3. What if one or two large players exploit market future?
  4. Tell me an instance where regulatory authority has tamed market forces?
  5. Why RBI is concerned about Tata and docomo merger?
  • Member 2🙁 lady member)
  1. What is cyber security
  2. Safety vs security
  3. Simple vs complex ecosystem
  4. Dispersal vs migration
  5. Nutrient cycling
  6. Why oxygen cycle is more complicated compared to nitrogen cycle?
  7. How can you say that a forest is sustainable by looking at it?
  • Member 3:
  1. Will you ask forest guards to give information to police about naxal movements?
  2. Tell me some more applications of ECE in forest management
  3. Tell me major challenges in forestry
  • Member 4:
  1. What are the steps taken to reduce impact on environment in building new capital of andhra Pradesh


Candidate 13:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman :
  1. Why join IFOS?
  2. Kerala liquor ban.
  • Member 1:
  1. Forest management in tropical vs temperate areas,what does FRI do, how forest cover is determined in forest survey,remote sensing in forestry,environment management standards(iso 14001 standard)
  • Member 2 :(lady)
  1.  Asked some other standards in ISO 14000 series , air quality standard water quality standard,
  2. nanotechnology applications,nanotechnology in malaria control,drug delivery,fullerne,
  3. scrubber vs cyclone(the most out of the blue question),
  • Member 3 :
  1. Clean coal,Thermal power pollution n solutions to prevent it,
  2. H1b visa changes and opportunity in it for India.
  3. kerala ban chairman kept on asking for more points till I ran out of further to say


Candidate 14:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. What is the per capita forest cover in India?
  2. Is it more than world average?
  3. Why IFoS?
  4. Have you visited any national parks?
  5. Anything in recent times?
  6. What is the difference between a national park and a zoological park?
  7. What’s the contribution of forests to our GDP?
  8. What do you mean by intangible benefits?
  9. What are ecosystem services?
  10. Explain in detail
  11. Why is there so much hue and cry against deforestation in tropical regions?
  12. Any UN initiative in this regard?
  13. Have you heard of REDD?
  14. Explain REDD and REDD+.
  15. Explain why is conservation of forests important for local people.
  • Member 1:
  1. What is road race (DAF)?
  2. What is road rage?
  3. Why is it on rise?
  4. What is product design (my stream)?
  5. Any latest development in this field?
  6. What is 3D printing?
  7. How can it be used in biomedical field?
  8. How will you use your graduation knowledge in IFoS?
  9. What is difference between direct and indirect taxation ( job profile)?
  10. Give examples in each
  11. What is GST?
  12. Why some states were protesting against it?
  13. Has it been resolved?
  14. What after five years (bouncer)?
  • Member 2:
  1. What is working plan?
  2. What is forest management?
  3. What are different types of regeneration?
  4. How do you carry out artificial regeneration?
  5. How do you carry out afforestation in degraded lands?
  6. What species do you use for amelioration of saline soils?
  7. Any chemical we can use?
  8. What is agricultural system (bouncer)?
  9. Do you know about crop rotation?
  10. What is the difference between ratooning and coppicing?
  11. Which kind of ratooning process increases sucrose content? (Bouncer)
  • Member 3:
  1. What do you know about forest rights act?
  2. What is importance of locals in forest conservation?
  3. How can we protect traditional knowledge?
  4. What is plant quarantine and what is animal quarantine?