Candidate 1:


Are you practicing Ayurveda?

Is the Ayurveda fraternity still following the ancient manuscripts or are there any research works being undertaken, if so then what are the latest developments in Ayurveda?

Full form of AYUSH, origin of Unani, founder of Homeopathy, How to mainstream Ayurveda?

Member 1:

Types of dosas(as my hobby is cooking!), name some rice varieties(actually it was to name some rice recipes which was later clarified and redirected by khan sir himself!),

Rules of volleyball game, difference between volley n beach volley ball,

Member 2:

Homeopathy a boon to India, justify ( I could guess only one reason while the other one he added himself),

Why Karnataka and TN always conflicting?

Any conflicts historically in the region?

Member 3:

Any conflict (another Q on conflictJ) between lingayats n vokkaligas in Karnataka , any visible distinction between the 2  communities?

Social reforms by Basavanna., number of Jnanpiths to Karnataka and  Latest Jnanpitha winner from Karnataka.

Member 4:

Present status of Hyderabad Karnataka region and background of it.

Question on JNV academic assessment system implemented in 2000 by some personality and his name which I couldn’t answer.

During which CM’s time PRI was implemented in Karnataka?

Tell about Nazir Saheb(I only knew that there is a programme named after him in Karnataka)?


Candidate 2:


You are an Assistant Professor and it is a well-paid job (he elaborated the benefits of the job and how teachers can mould the youth, how the salaries have improved after the 6th Pay commission etc). Why do you want to take up a career in Civil Services?

Member 1:

With your Economics and Pub. Ad Optionals you might be well-versed with planning. So can u tell us the difference between a plan and a budget? Rolling Plan, current five year plan we are implementing, Its period, Its highlights. There is one more country with the same plan number. Do u know?

Member 2:

Questions were asked on my home district, Bellary,significance of Hampi, important rulers of Vijayanagar Kingdom, administration of Krishnadevaraya, need for establishing a separate university for women.

Member 3:

Question were asked about by hobby – Hindustani Vocal, my medals in Masters Degree,  Commodity Futures Market, its regulation.

Member 4:

Euro zone crisis, deceleration of Japan economy, truth in the US claim that China is deliberately keeping its exchange rate low, its gains.

Member 2:

You are from Bellary. Why was it in news recently? What is the present status of mining there? What is the impact of mining on the surroundings?


In the recent years, the Prime Minister of Japan tried to bring in reforms in a single department – Postal Department. There was so much of opposition that he lost the majority and had to seek fresh mandate. Instead of learning from their mistakes, we are now trying to convert post offices into banks. Do you think its a good move? What if they emerge as a very big financial institution? And some other related questions were asked.


Candidate 3:


The  first few questions were from my profile which included the following .

  1. What is TMS?
  2. What do u do in transcranial magnetic stimulation?
  3. What was the result  of your study?(  it was basically about hereditary traits that are involved in alcoholism)
  4. The utility of the research
  5. Pradeep whatever you are telling is so fascinating n sounds out of this world. U say that u apply some magnetic field which creates an electric impulse and from that u study the circuits in brain.
  6. How can you leave all such fantastic things and come to this boring babugiri J I am asking you because if I would have got such an opportunity during the beginning of my career then I would have preferred that to civil services.

I answered the above question  with how civil services provides me wider opportunities and the scope of civil services, my inclination towards IAS , how the jobs that I had taken up have enriched my experience n all, the chairman looked satisfied at the answer and he asked the first panel member to ask the questions.

Member 1:

  1. You have mention agriculture as your interest .how come being a doctor you are interested in agriculture?
  2. But agriculture is a very difficult profession is it not? Because there is a saying that a farmer in born as a poor, lives as a poor, dies also as a poor. What do you say?
  3. As a DM what measures or changes you want to undertake to improve the agricultural scenario and help the farmers?

Member 2:

  1. Pradeep you are from a rural background. There are lot of changes that are happening in the rural area. You talk about it .

For that I was not sure what exactly he was asking. I asked him whether anything specific he wants me to talk about like any particular change?

He replied “ no generally u comment, like panchayatis have come, lot of infighting among the rural people because of elections, alcoholism . u generally comment about it.”

Member 3:

  1. What is surrogacy? Who is a surrogate mother? Why is it in news these days?
  2. There is a lot of talk in the budget about the fiscal deficit. Even the finance minister has stressed the need to bring down the fiscal deficit. So tell me the measures that have been taken in the current budget to bring down the fiscal deficit burden.
  3. Are the measures taken in the current budget are adequate?
  4. This budget is also criticized on the account of its opaqueness. Is it not?

( I was not sure about what he meant by opaqueness) I repeated the word opaqueness for which he told, “yes, opaqueness. It is there in so many newspapers.”  I said that I was not aware of any such criticism.

5. What can be the solution to Israel – Palestine conflict?

Then the chairman asked M4 to continue.

  1. You have studied in Ramakrishna vidyashala, Mysore. What difference you find between the education system at Ramakrishna mission schools and other general educational institutions.
  2. How can we inculcate the positive things in Ramakrishna mission education system into the government run educational institutions?
  3. You have taken kannada literature as one of your optional. Are you so much interested in literature?
  4. Tell us what u know about shivaram karanth.
  5. For which book did shivaram karanth get ‘jnanapeetha ‘ award?
  6. Have u heard about novel ‘DATU”? who has written it?
  7. Have you read the novel? (I had read the novel)
  8. What does the novel speaks about?
  9. Some questions about bhyrappa’s views on caste system.

Then again it was the chairman’s turn.

He first generally spoke about Mysore, Ranganathittu n all. Afterwards the questions were mainly about Tippu Sultan n his policies. The question started from asking what was written on tippu’s tomb for which I told I have seen that in ganjam but I can read since it is in Urdu. Khan sir told that it is written in Persian not in Urdu and he translated it and asked for its significance.

  1. In how many anglo-mysore wars did tippu sultan participate?
  2. Which Indian powers did not come to tippu’s rescue?
  3. What about tippu’s awareness about international events and his foreign policy?
  4. Tippu Sultan  was a forward looking man and made significant contribution, is it not?

After I answered the last question the chairman said ,” yes pradeep, indeed he was a forward looking man and had a great vision. Your interview is over, thank you.”


Candidate 3:


IK: pls sit down.

Me: thank you sir.

IK: how are you doing today?

Me: I am doing good sir. Thank you.

IK: you play Kabbadi (my hobby), so how do you plan in the match?

Me: sir we have different plans for different type of player and we use it according to person (I explained how a good physic person is tackled)

IK: how is lean person play in the game? Aren’t they strong enough to catch the better physic player?

Me: Sure sir they are agile and quick which make them a strong players.

Member 1:

M1 : ‘public sector units are not producing goods to that of private’ he gave me this phrase and Khan sir told me take any stand in favor or against but to substantiate my stand.

Me : sir this statement holds good to early 1990’s but the present condition is changing because of disinvestment there is infusion of technology and attracting of talents with commercial principles evolving there is a sense of competence developed by PSU thus they are also providing better goods.

M1: Jainism popular in Karnataka, Can you name the place which is famous for Jainism?

Me: Sir Shravanabelagola in Hassan district is famous for Jainism.

M1: why is that place attracting so many tourists?

Me: sir, it has statue of bhahubali and many Jain basadis are built there thus it attracts the tourist.

M1: what is the height of the thing which we are talking?

Me: sir I am not aware of the exact height but its more than 50 feet for sure sir.

M1: can you tell me the period in which it was built?

Me: sir I am not aware of the exact time but it was done during the Ganga’s rule under the stewardship of Chavundaraya.

M1: sudden shift in question…so tell me how is election fought in Tamil nadu?

Me: I soon remembered the OBC population so I told them about caste and secondly freebie’s

M1: what else?

Me : I was thinking then Khan sir asked me about development as the agenda, I told him that sir most of the districts in Tamil nadu is developed one sir barring few states, sorry sir its districts bordering Srilanka and it is also evident with the HDI rankings of state compared to other states.

M1: so how are elections in Kerala fought? Is it the same way as in Tamil nadu?

Me: No sir it is not same (I wanted to stay aloof from controversy of ideology so I told him that I am not aware of the details)

M1: Ok, what would you do in a crisis (Khan Sir asked me to think of any crisis of my own and answer)

Me: I gave the crisis of the recently atrocity of CRPF in Chhattisgarh.

Member 2:

W2: ok srinivas we have won the world cup that apart what leadership qualities which you see from dhoni? Precisely I want to list the ideal leadership qualities.

Me: (I had read an article regarding the same on the same morning in times of India) so I told effective communication, trust building and proper co-ordination skills.

W2: ok, why is Bangalore not attracting investment as before?

Me : maam, firstly there is no land available due to reality boom and secondly due to traffic congestion as the roads are narrow and its difficult to expand roads due to protest  from residents due to increase in reality prices.

W2:  ok tell me what will u do if u are the municipal commissioner of Bangalore?

Me: maam I will have a proper co-ordination with the city traffic police to find out time to time of bad roads and pot holes in road and to make sure that is properly filled and secondly I would lay the proposal to built underground passages.

W2: ok, why is Anna Hazzare going in for fast?

Me: Maam, GOI has prepared a draft lokpal bill and Anna wants it be made a democratic process by including the stake holders in the draft bill preparation.

W2: ok tell me can we have a complete elimination of corruption if Lokpal comes in to force?

Me: maam, complete elimination of corruption is a hypothetical one and thus complete elimination is not possible but a maximum control is possible…. The member laughed and so did Khan Sir. (I got scared for some time thinking did I made a mistake).

IK: khan sir took over and told me that there are many lokayukta which is already functioning and I don’t think so any one is working effectively… do you think any one is working?

Me: sir though there are many lokayukta which is effective there are some which are effective for example Karnataka lokayukta…

IK: laughingly asked me to not to take any names and asked me what is the recent controversy where lokayukta was not happy?

Me: I answered the different demands put by him.

Member 3:

M3: what is Top line and bottom line?

Me: sorry sir I am not aware of this.

M3: Started laughing and asked me your are a commerce graduate you dono this..(I was tensed I asked him is it related to hierarchy and he said me no so promptly accepted no)

M3: what are the major resources of Karnataka?

Me: I started with minerals but he asked me to tell him about industry so I told him.

M3: What are the major challenges for Karnataka?

Me: Sir political instability its costing us the development as policy makers are more concentrated on political matters, secondly infrastructure…so he said ok.

IK: so your specialization is costing so how do you cost public services? (I was shocked as it was a bouncer for me as we are well versed in private terms) he asked me think anyone public service so I chose transportation and I started with road transport but he insisted me to consider the rail transport.

Me: I started with salary of employees, maintenance cost, fuel cost (and he asked me what about fixed cost) I accepted yes and I told him about depreciation and he reacted positively to that.

IK: SO how do CISF cost the security what they provide? (It was a Yorker for me)

Me: Sir Human capital cost, equipment cost, services like transport of personnel, insurance, pf, pension, esi etc…

IK: So srinivas your interview is over you can leave now.

Me: Thank you sir, thank you maam and thank you sirs…have a good day.


Candidate 4:

  • Chairman:
  1. What is malnutrition?
  2. What is the % of people suffering from malnutrition?
  3. What are the reasons for malnutrition?
  • Member 1:
  1. What are macro nutrients and micro nutrients?
  2. Name some micro nutrients
  3. Micro nutrients and Bio technology
  4. Working of PDS in India
  5. Who is responsible for not effective implementation of PDS and why?
  6. Which state has good PDS?
  7. Any state from south?
  • Member 2 :
  1. What is solar energy?
  2. Uses and costs of solar energy?
  3. Who converted light energy into electrical energy?
  4. Solar batteries?
  5. What is de-salination of water?
  6. Where are the de-salination plants situated in India?
  7. Desalination is a costly process, still why is it required?
  8. Albert Einstein got Nobel prize for which work?
  • Member 3 :
  1. What is coup détente?
  2. In India, whether a coup can happen? Justify your answer?
  3. Development of automobile sector in last 100 years?
  4. Latest development in automobile sector?
  • Member 4 :
  1. What is the purpose of watching movies? (not my hobby)
  2. Social aspects in movies
  3. Why actors from south India will enter politics?
  4. Compare North Indian movies and south Indian movies
  • Chairman :
  1. What is CNC technology? (Chairman asked this question while answering to M3 on a question about the recent developments in the automobile sector, I told about the CNC technology)
  2. What is the advantage of CNC technology?
  3. Name the person who introduced assembly line production and revolutionised the automobile sector?