Candidate 1:

  • Chairman:
  1. You come from such a prestigious school(sainik school kunjpura), why didnt u go to NDA?
  2. How u got motivation for civil services?
  3. What are the problem u’ve seen in ur area?
  4. How to ensure women empowerment?
  • Member 1 :
  1. Why ppl from ece go to IT?
  2. What is esdm?
  3. How do you perceive India’s proactive engagement with other nations?
  4. How does Pakistan see it?
  • Member 2 :
  1. Tell me some famous names from ur school?
  2. You told now the world is multipolar, what was it before?
  3. Why couldn’t u clear ssb?
  • Member 3 :
  1. What is positivism in sociology?
  2. Difference between Comte’s and Durkheim’s positivism?
  3. Relevance of positivism in modern sociology?
  • Member 4:
  1. There is growing urbanisation and industrialisation in Haryana… And land is acquired for these purposes.. What is the general perception there… And then a lil discussion about it.


Candidate 2:

  • Chairman:
  1. What negative do you find with NTPC?
  2. You have spent 10 years why do u want to leave the ntpc? It’s a good organisation?
  3.  You can also do that it being in NTPC ?
  4. Chairman:what r the issues with india Afghanistan?
  5. What else?
  6. What do u think abt Indian basis for un permanent membership?
  7. Have u heard abt un peace keeping force?/
  8. Where is it deployed?
  9. Not anywhere besides Africa:
  10. What ipkf?
  • Member 1
  1. She explained about society. Then she asked what is collective conscience?
  2. She tells about collective conscience in villages?then she asked whether it is harmful or beneficial?
  3. So u r working wid ntpc.what are the challenges with power sector?
  4. Why did u enter into hydro despite u have core competency in thermal?
  • Member 2: 
  1. But don’t u think that others r more capable than u in hydro and others can execute in hydro better than u do?
  2. Why are there issues that states are not purchasing power?
  3. Why financial status of state discoms is poor?
  4. But states have done unbundling?have it not created any impact?
  5. What is capacity of ntpc?
  • Member 3:
  1. Why there is difference between installation and gen capacity?
  2. Can u compoare efficiency of state and ntpc efficicency?
  3. Its ratio to country?
  4. You are working as manager?how do u do inventory management .
  5. Then he asked about the functioning of department and my profile of working which i explained.
  6. What is different capacities ?
  7. What are issues with nuclear power in india?
  8. Anything else?
  9. What else?
  10. Don’t u think fuel is an issue?
  11. Then he said there is lack of capacity of centrifuges which i don’t know
  • Member 4
  1. You are from Jawahar navodaya vidyalaya? What was ur routine ?
  2. Have u practiced any of the practice till now?
  3. Used to means now u r not pursuing that now?
  4. What are the reasons of Nepal earthquake?
  5. Can u explain?
  6. Then try?
  7. Can u name the plates?
  8. Tell?
  9. What do u think what r the after effects of this quake?
  10. Which countries have asked for evacuation help?


Candidate 3 :

  • Chairman :
  1. You have urdu literature. Do u understand some Farsi too?
  2. MS utters some Farsi line. i don’t know the meaning and convey the same with smile
  3. What do u know about CSR?
  4. Why should corporates do csr mandatorily when they are already paying taxes?
  • Member 1 :
  1. What is sniffing? hints at my electronics and IT background.
  2. How does a computer virus work?
  3. How can we stop hackers doing sniffing?
  • Member 2 :
  1.  Till what level u ve played cricket?
  2. What was the recent controversy on cricket in India?
  3. What do u feel about businessman being the administrators in India as opposed to players?
  • Member 3 (lady):
  1. What do u understand by cultural relativism?
  2. What do u understand by culture?
  3. Why knowledge of culture is necessary for administration?
  4. Is there only single culture?
  • Member 4 :
  1. What do u know about dismantling of planning commission?
  2. How is the new system (NITI) different from the earlier system?
  3. What are the negatives of this new system?

           Mentor’s words:

  • Ravichander sir: I seriously suggest that you don’t get such emotion during the interview. It will show in your facial expressions. Finish full interview in positive mood through out.
  • Annadurai Sir: A terrible show there. But you should learn to keep your cool under all circumstances. Just remember getting perturbed and emotional will cause you more damage. To recollect my own experience, the chairman was totally hostile. My name was a red flag for him. The ones from Tamil nadu could understand why it could be so better. Since I had an idea about him, when I was told that it is his board, i anticipated trouble. I decided to play it cool. Ultimately I got just 126.


Candidate 4:

            Chairman and Members :

  1. What do you study in transportation engineering?
  2. Are development and envt concerns contradictory? How do u address that?
  3. We have to import coal for energy security yet while constructing dams environmental concerns are there, How do u go about that?
  4. Nuclear reactors, are they safe, past disasters?
  5. How to check siltation? any cheap means other than what i suggested, what about afforestation?
  6. What is role of civil engineers in future in era of technology such as CAD?
  7. Why infra projects not succeeding? why do we need foreign help, are Indian engineers not good enough?
  8. What were you doing after graduation?
  9. Uttarakhand floods, How as an administrator and a civil engineer u check that?Was that natural or man made?
  10. Why buildings are not earthquake resistant? whose fault? any fault of builders?
  11. Why IT industry boomed, while others could not?
  12. What is present problem of banking industry?
  13. NPAs? which sectors contributed most to it? u know quantum?
  14. Why did u study civil engg when civil services was ultimate aim? why not BA/MA?
  15. Difference b/w growth and devt
  16. Indicators measuring devt? what as per u is devt?


Candidate 4:

Chairman :

Ch: We have these groupings all over the world like US-EU groupings,US-Japan,TTIP..etc blah blah and what are the regional groupings which India is part of?(smiling and after a big sentence he asked about India)

Me:First question was a blank for me.I was looking into his face for few seconds and said India is part of RCEP and G20.

Ch: RCEP is Economical grouping and G20 is not a regional grouping ri8?

Me: (Realised that question is on regional grouping ) and said sorry for G20 and thought for a while and gave India is part of SAARC.

Ch: Any other groupings?(My Mind is still blank and havent recovered from initial question).Looking at his face for few seconds and i know BIMSTEC grouping but i don’t want it to be focussed)

Ch: Did you hear about IOR-ARC?

Me:Yes sir.I know about it.It is Indian ocean group countries consortium and it has Bangladesh,Srilanka,India,Nepal(went in flow and told it by mistake),Myanmar etc.Realised and dont want to say sorry again on Nepal.

Ch:Why is it not famous and what is happening in the group unlike other groups?

Me:(after short gap).I think it may be due to less number of meetings in these groups and also most of d countries in it are not taking much initiatives for promoting the group.

Ch: What are the issues faced in the group ?

Me: Issues are Maritime security,Piracy,Naval ship accidents sir.(Infact I dont know much about this IOR-ARC)

Ch: Maritime security is important problemWhat is this somalian piracy and why is it there?

Me:Sorry sir.I dont have any idea on it.(Iam still in defencive mode n fearing n not sure what would be my next question)

Ch: We dont have Pakistan and China in these groups but still we dont have any promotion of group.What can India do better?

Me:(I am not aware of complete details and not sure if it is economic oriented group).still looking at chairman and took some 30 secs and said.India should focus on Disaster Management sir as we have TSunami threat in Indian ocean.

(Till now I was in passive mode and this Psychiatrist guy is looking into my face and on seeing him I’m feeling uneasy and losing my thoughts).Smiled a little but I think I havent satisfied Chairman and eye contact to members is also poor.

Member 1:

M1: (sits very next to me on right side had to turn my right).You have done engineering in Electronics ri8?

Me: no sir,I have done in Computer science (89% in Btech computer science and worked in infy 4yrs)

M1: What is Digital divide?

Me: (sigh of relief).It is no of people who doesnt have access to digital litercay like Information technology and does nt hav e access to internet.We have less internet penetration and less computer infrstaructure for the reason and couldnt access egovernance process.(could have stopped it till here and no where told about haves and have-nots and it is my strong zone so no one can stop me deviating from question).Told about Digital india,National optical fibrenetwork prgms and we are moving into e-governance with focus on digital divide. Answering this by seeing all but uneasy with this psychiatrist who is almost into my face and i think explained on digital illiteracy more over.

M1: Do you know about CSC?

Me:Sorry sir.I dont about it.He said computer service centre.

M1: He asked about YUVAN?

Me: Sorry sir,I dont know about it.

M1:We have Andhrapradesh very good in e-gov processed what are they?(I am from Andhra)

Me: Sir, we have e-seva centres for providing services to poor like paying electricity charges,water bills etc. recenty we had e-cabinet where sessions are held in Tablets.(very happy that i t

old new point to them but stopped there after).conversation is becoming very fast as I am feeling confident now.

M1:Spoke about toilets blah..blah .There are issues and what is the toliet program.

Me: (I am not sure if he has asked what is the issues).I told about importance of toilets on health,environment ,diseases and issue of women who have to go out before sunset for toilets use outside.(Speakinglittle fast)/

M1: These issues are old age and everyone knows. What is d toilet prgm?

Me: told about Swach bharat abhiyan.He said tolets is one sub part but need specific misssion.I said I dont know specific program but it may b total sanitation campaign(I was thinking abt nirma gram puraskar for toliets but still dont want to take chance).

Member 2:

M2: (I dont like him at all)What are the problems with Nuclear submarines.recently we had INS arihant.(i dont know anything abt INS arihant).

Me: Saw his face for 35 secs i guess.back in defencive mode in shock.He asked did u hear abt it?44

Me: Yes sir ,I know abt.Forgot what was his question.Told abt recent submarines accidents where Standard operating procedures not followed and negliegence or in acitivty in nuclear portion os submarine.repeated the same stmt again.

M2:Are nuclear submarines needed?

Me: Yes sir,we have threat from pak n china n this will act as detterence.spoke this in lower tone and confidence gone by now.

M2:What is second srike capability?

Me: totally blank.still seeing his face .No eye contact with evryone n saw chairman is noting ome thing.Sir,I dont know but I can attempt.It may be back up to strike of opponents attack.( Would have said dont know).

Member 3:

M3( lady,seems she is from south india): You are very good at chess.What are the virtues which one can get on playing it.( This is my all time fav topic and very confident).

Me: Ma’m,told abt logical thinbking,increasing concentration skills and most importantly patience.

M3: Do you have these qualities?

Me: (Full confidence).Yes ma’m.I definitley have it.(volumne of Tone increased)

M3: Who is d famous chess player in india?

Me:(strong zone).could have told only abt Anand but said about other playesr tanya sachdev,hampi,harika.

M3: Why is south Indian girls good at chess?

Me:(not thinking immediate response).Ma’m chess is one of d fav past time in AP (she said Aha and thought i was bluffing).

I said chess is promoted in schools in andhra and similiarly in Tamilnadu.The success of anand,a south indian made people feel closer to him and relate, he was basis for creating interest in south india. (speed of words is too high and seeing only at lady memeber as she was smiling )

M3: Post bifurcation,what are the sources where andhra and telangana can grow?

Me: ( prepared so not thinking).Replied immediately with speed of words.Andhra-coastal region-fishing,agriculture,new port coming at nellore,output from vizag steel plant as input to upcoming automobile industry at nellore,K-G basin-shale gas ,natural gas.

Coming to telangana,Revenue from hyd as source for backward regions .agriculture is also der. May be cost of land is high so soon software may spread to nalgonda.

M3: Agriculture productive regions of Telangana?

Me:(dont have any idea on Telangana but with confidence ) said Nalgonda and Karimnagar(they are but not best productive i guess).

–Till here I think M3 is satisfied and M2 is ok but not chairman.No one is saying anything they are not smiling or cordial but hearing what evr i say.No cross questioning and interrupting.Now comes our so called psychiatrist.M2

(Saw a recent movie -The Immitation game and realised how mvys can help).Yes sir .I know abt him.(full confidence with high pitch).He is a mathematician who decoded the German Enigma and reduced the strikes and saved lot so people and reduced ww1 by 2yrs.(no thinking ).This has become base for charles babbage invent computer.Happy that chairman is observing and heard my answer.

Member 4:

M4: Do you know about Alan Turing?

M4: IS it WW1?

Me:(realised my mistake).Sorry sir it is WW-II

M4:What did he famous for?

I said the way he decoded enigma has become base for computers.( I think he wants some word which I am mssing)

M4: You mean to say he is related to computer?

Me: sir,It has become base for Computers.

m4:what is Artificial Intelligence.You might have learnt in engineering?(I understood this is d word he want from me)

Me:i said robots acting with independent thinking and intellignece to similair humans…blah blah..nothingmuch told abt some thing related to robots.

M4:Are robots useful ?

Me:Sir,There are useful but have pros and cons.(strong zone with confidence and speed of words increased).

pros-military,nuclaear waste cleaning,cons-used in terrorism or used against human beings also.(could have given more detailed answer but i was in full swing with high speed of word)

M4: Is robots the futureof world?

Me: (was speaking and seeing m3,m4 not seeing chairman or m1 or m2.may b i was in other world)

I told abt robots are needed but human beings need emotions,relationships.having many robots bring artifical communication and make him degenerate.(Speaking in full flow ).Now pause as I need a word to complete a sentence which i was not getting.Finally said it may not b good for d society with no emotions.

M4:(Key moment of my interview which I feel).Asked we are spending lot money on Space prgm .Is it needed?

Me: Yes sir,We definitely need it(high tone and confident n saw all memebers but they are not seeing me.lady is doing some thing n writing some thing with head down).

Spoke abt Mars missionj if we had found water or methane we would have got another habitat.We need to look into brighter side and we need it fot future of human beings.(No thinking here and told only one point,couldnt explain much,already exhausted)

M4:(DECIDER question now): We have millions dying due to no food .Do you still invest in space

Me: Yes sir I will invest in space.

M4: Poor people r dying .still u invest?(Thought came in mind that i have supported earlier need to defend)

Me:(with high tone n no thinking and high speed).Yes sir I will invest in space as we have the GIS,MIS which can help in improving the food productivity and reduce the poverty.(Not sure if i have said corrcetly but would have gave some time to think and probably said we cant compare both or spoke more on existing food shortage and how we need space to overcome shortage)

Candidate 5:

  • Chairman:
  1. Ur in capf which force?
  2.  Difference between monetary policy and fiscal policy?
  3. What do they both thurst on?
  4. Types of inflation?
  5. Which inflation does RBI target?
  6. How does RBI regulate? How to come out of inflation is rbi cant reduce supply side inflation?
  • Member 1:
  1. Tell about Cauvery issue, Mekedatu issue,Coffee types , Productivity of coffee?
  • Member 2:
  1. Cyber security policy in India
  2. It act
  3. Cloud computing, Illustrate it.Govt on cloud computing.Cyber security for govt
  • Member 3:
  1. Which game do u like most and why .
  2. Why did not India win world cup in cricket And some question on world cup
  • Member 4:
  1. View on anti conversion bill
  2. Art 32 and A226,Quo warranto
  3. Anti conversion before Independence


Candidate 6:

  • Chairman :
  1. You lived in Punjab as well as in Bihar. What differences did you find in the districts of both the states where you stayed?
  2. Explain the differences in education and health sectors in those districts.
  3. Did you try to meet the district administration in both the districts? What did you discuss with them?
  • Member 1:
  1. How does an ac and refrigerator work?
  2. Which type of ac is this in this room? What is the difference betwen a split ac and a window ac? What ate the components of a refrigerator?
  3. What is a tubeless tyre? How is it different from a normal tyre?
  4. What is ABS? how does it work?
  5. How does differential system work in a vehicle?
  • Member 2: (lady member)
  1. You re from sasaram. What is sasaram famous for?
  2. What are the contributions of Sher shah suri? What is the length of Grand Trunk road?
  3. PM is talking about road connectivity with some other country. What is that all about?
  4. But, apart from B’desh, there are also talks of road connectivity with Burma. Tell me something about that.
  5. Ok.. how can india benefit from that project (trilateral highway project)? Tell me some more points on that.
  • Member 3:
  1. Tell me about a rural employment programme of govt of india.
  2. Ok..skill india mission is a new programme which also can generate employment but tell me about a major rural employment programme which is a bit older.
  3. Yes, what is it (MGNREGS)?
  4. In which ways has mgnregs benefitted bihar?
  5. What type of works have been taken up through mgnregs? What else?
  6. You were the captain of events organising team of your school. What type of leadership qualities are required to be a captain of events organising team? What else?
  • Member 4:
  1. What is black money?
  2. In what ways does it affect the economy of a country?
  3. So you mean to say that it affects our economy in only one way, right?
  4. Yes.. yes.. give me some more points.
  5. What is the solution o f this problem?
  6. Right.. any other methods?
  7. But even after dtaa with Mauritius, lot of black money is coming from that route. What is the solution for that?


Candidate 7:

  • Chairman :
  1. Today’s editorial
  2. Bills passed by the Parliament in the budget session
  3. Black money bill – is it needed?
  4. Will it solve the purpose?
  5. Will it help curb black money totally or just bring back the money stashed abroad?
  • Member 1 :
  1. What is BPR?
  2. Sam Pitroda who headed NKC said that BPR is essential while computerisation of govt depts. Your comment.
  3. What is BCP? What is going concern?
  4. Govt accounting.
  5. Types of accounts.
  6. What is cut motion? Token cut.
  7. Budget process.
  • Member 2 :
  1. What is GSM? CDMA? Differences.
  2. What is broadband?
  3. Potential of broadband in India?
  4. Govt initiative for rural connectivity
  5. What is USOF? ( I mentioned it while explaining NOFN)
  6. Case study : Labour union – arrest of leader – violence – law n order. As a DM will you order police firing? Yes/no.
  • Member 3 (lady member) :
  1. Which bills referred to the joint and select committees?
  2. Proposed changes – Child labour issue.
  3. Vedaranyam plan
  4. Who was Ibn Battuta? Which emperor did he meet in India?
  5. What is a pvt member bill? Recent example. Which was the previous occasion?
  6. Whats in the 8th schedule of the consti?
  • Member 4:
  1. Lightning & thunder. Value of speed.
  2. Hot water & steam – which causes more burns?
  3. Will tubelight continue to glow even after the starter is removed?
  4. What is MCB?
  5. Mobile Technology – functioning.
  6. Evolution of IT in India.
  7. Difference between TVs of older times n present.
  8. What is LED n LCD. Which is better in terms of image quality?
  9. What is 3D TV?