Candidate 1:

  • Chairman :
  1. Electronics background! ! What’s a diode? what’s zener diode and itz applications
  • Member 1:
  1.  Tell me ur views on internal security?
  2. Apart from Naxalism any thing else?
  3. What’s the relation between Naxalism and Nazism
  • Member 2:
  1. Electronics or Anthropology
  2. Can India be called a continent in itself? And a few follow up questions which I somehow managed!They picked words from my answers and asked me
  3. How do submarines communicate?
  • Member 3:
  1. What’s the frequency levels in hertz
  2. What’s infrasonic and ultrasonic?
  3. What’s the frequency range
  4. By this time I felt it was some technical interview for the post of some scientist
  • Member 4:
  1. What is your opinion on black money?
  2. How do u get it out of the lockers?
  3. What is cad
  4. What is trade balance?
  5. If ur the RBI governor what would u do?
  • Member 5:
  1. Painting!so what do u paint?
  2. what’s the significance of using charcoal to paint
  • Chairman: Everything is not Black and white!ur thoughts
  • Chairman: Blue diamond,black diamond and blood diamond!!what do u understand..
  • Chairman: Change seems to happen but at the same time nothing seems to change..your comments


Candidate 2:

  • Chairman :
  1. What are you doing?
  2. Why didnt you work?
  3. Difference between psychology and parapsychology?
  4. Difference between psychosis and neurosis?
  • Member 1:
  1. What is special about kerala? Why called God’s own country?
  2. What is one belt one road initiative? Can India benefit from it? Should India be a part of it?
  3. Why Gwadar port being developed by china?
  4. Is gurgaon a smart city? What should be done to make it one?
  • Member 2:
  1. What is khap panchayat? How old? Should it be abolished?
  2. What is ISIS. What do they want?
  3. If made haryana CM what will you do for women ?
  • Member 3:
  1. Which book you read recently?
  2. What is the content of the book?
  3. Difference between ad valorem and specific tax?
  4. Difference between specific and remunerative tax?
  • Member 4:
  1. What will you do for gurgaon to make it smart in context of prevention of crime?
  2. Gold monetisation scheme ?
  3. Small states or large states?
  4. Has separation of uttarakhand from UP resulted in any loss to the latter?
  • Chairman:
  1. Reasons for upper GIT bleeding?
  2. What is abscess? What is hot or cold abscess?
  3. What is tubercular lesion?
  4. What is antibioma?
  5. Have you read any Indian author?
  6. Have you read khaled hosseini or amish tripathi?
  7. Which books of khaled hosseini and content?

Candidate 3:

  • Chairman:
  1. What are u doing at this moment?
  2. Civil service exam requires preparation?
  3. Everyone will be aware of what is happening around them then why special preparation?
  4. Application of electronics in medicine?
  5. Telemedicine and questions about what all well be sent in it?
  6. HIFU?
  • Member 1:
  1. Govt in business do u accept??
  2. Reason for failure of hmt?
  • Member 3:
  1. Cross subsidy?
  2. How subsidy working?
  3. Explain with example? Food, fertiliser, and lpg: Lpg subsidy in detail?
  • Member 4:
  1. Leadership and quality of leaders?
  2. LTTE tried selling something in tn and kerela wat is it?
  3. Why is it not accepted by the people though they accepted local drugs?
  4. Are u from IT profession?
  5. Applications of radar?
  6. Semiconductors and their working and application?
  7. Why transistors are not used nowadays?
  8. What is there in an IC?
  9. Difference between GPS and gprs?
  • Chairman :
  1. Whose product is GPS?
  2. How many satellites are there in GPS?
  3. How many satellites are required to cover earth?
  4. Russian variant of GPS?
  5. Difference between Rotation and revolution?
  6. What is the speed of rotation of earth? She gave me pencil and paper to calculate speed with time and circumference?



Candidate 4:

Work ex: IT

Hobby: Writing, Dancing, Acting, Photography

  • Chairman:
  1. Your college has many branches. Where are they located?
  2. After this ice-breaker, she passes the baton to M1.
  • Member 1:
  1. What kind of writing do you do?
  2. What are the major problems affecting Jharkhand?
  3. How do naxals fund themselves? Where do they train? How do they get high end weapons?
  4. If you are in charge of a district, how will you improve this scenario?
  • Member 2:
  1. Private education istitutions vs public education institutions. Your take.
  2. Don’t you think there are more engineering seats than students taking admission? Why so? Isn’t the quality being degraded?
  3. What is a deemed university?
  4. How do you define a university, as in, legally?
  5. If in a policy making position, which side will you fall, private or public education institutions?
  • Member 3:
  1. You talked about management quota. What is it?
  2. With admissions bought through black money, will such engineers be good civil servants?
  3. Where do you want to work if selected?
  4. Why some civil servants from your and other eastern states donot want to work in their home states?
  • Member 4:
  1. What is the difference between a naxalite and a moist?
  2. What is artificial intelligence?
  3. What is cognitive AI?
  4. What are the differences between GSLV and PSLV?
  5. What are the uses of GSLV?
  • Chairperson:
  1. What are cyborgs?
  2. What are the various practical and ethical concerns regarding them?
  3. What is future trading?
  4. What policy initiatives are being implemented or proposed to increase the participation of small farmers in them?
  5. What is Conditional Transfer scheme?

 Candidate 5:

  1. What are you doing now?
  2. What is your first preference?
  3. What is a badge of honour?
  4. What is FYUP? Should it have been rolled back?
  5. What is a Victoria Cross?
  6. When were Victoria crosses awarded?
  7. Is it awarded posthumously?
  8. Did you attend the foundation course?
  9. What is NDPS Act?
  10. Difference between narcotics and psychotropic substances?
  11. What is LSD? Its full form?
  12. What is a beagle?
  13. What cartoons do you draw?
  14. Why crackdown on foreign NGOs?
  15. What does FCRA stand for?
  16. Who administers FCRA?
  17. Should Ms Pillai have been stopped from going to the UK?
  18. Some random cross questioning.
  19. Is charity the only goal of private education?
  20. Vocationalisation of education did not succeed earlier. What makes you think it will succeed now?
  21. Why should state pay for education for so many colleges?
  22. A mob has surrounded your DC office. What will you do?
  23. A popular cash crop’s price has just crashed in your district. What will you do?
  24. What writing do you do?
  25. Have you been published?
  26. Should people who can afford them give back their LPG cylinders? Why? The state is thankless as it is
  27. Will a sanad issued in 1923 by some princely state be valid today?
  28. If so, under what constitutional provision?

Thank you, your interview is over.


Candidate 6:

Background: B.Tech EEE, 2007 passed out.

  • Chairman:
  1. What you are doing presently?
  2. What is difference between assurance and insurance? Why is your company called assurance?
  3. What business your company handles?
  4. What is principle of subrogation?
  • Member 1:
  1. Is it better to have a top position in a small company or to have a middle management in a big organization?
  2. What is LoAC and present position of both countries? Many counter questions…(answered satisfactorily)
  3. What is this “Fine Arts club of Engineers”. What is its role and what is ur role?
  4. Did you get any exposure in North India in your graduation? Or as an individual?
  5. What did you observe in NOIDA?
  6. What are the benefits malls brought to India? (he is expecting Swachh Bharat related Clean Environment)
  • Member 2 (lady):
  1. Tell me about some places where you find cotton sarees near Visakhapatnam?
  2. Problems of weavers and steps taken by AP Govt. towards their welfare?
  3. Why do you Andhra people eat more chilli/ spicy food?
  4. Is there any connection between climate and that food habit? (Chairman)
  5. Can you play instrument or sing any song? (No way, do you want to run…)
  6. Which music you listen? Types of movies you watch?
  7. Which is the last hindi cinema you watched? How do you rate PK?
  • Member 3:
  1. What are fine Arts? Difference between Art and fine Art?
  2. Answered.
  3. Tell me about any painter who made a difference to Indian history?
  4. Tell me about Raja Ravi Varma’s paintings? (I don’t know)
  5. Tell me about famous painting styles in North India and South India? (I don’t know)
  6. Many painting related questions. ( I don’t know)
  • Member 4:
  1. What is this “Excellent Faculty Award”? Did you work as a faculty in TCS? ( explained everything regarding my experience in TCS).
  2. What are strategic oil reserves?
  3. What are GI tags?
  4. Examples.
  5. Chairman:
  6. Tell me about Thanjavur paintings? Did u see one? (I don’t know about paintings a bit…)
  7. Questions about Fidelity Guarantee Insurance and counter questions.. (answered all but one..)
  8. Where do you see yourself in 20 years from now?
  9. In which service?
  • Chairman:
  1. In IAS, you could not be in a top position in 20 years? (answered)


Candidate 7:

Chairman :

You are very talented.

I said, no mam, I am into many arts..

She said Ur DAF says it… I said thank youJ

Ch: wat s high drama artist? ( I am a B High Drama artist in All india Radio)

I said it s B High drama artist mam, It means that am a state level drama artist in AIR, and I can be called by any AIR for the Voice giving…

Oh ok, u r an announcer also, so u might be a good communicator.

I said, I hope so

Ok, so how do Dolphins communicate?

{ so from here my actual interview began}

  • Chairman:
  1. How do dolphins communicate?
  2. What s ultrasonic, infrasonic?
  3. What s Supersonic?
  4. What s the speed of the sound?
  5. What s the human ear audible frequency?
  6. Tell me in Hz not in decibles.
  7. So u were working as a cultural co-ordinator, what did u do there?
  8. So u did the choreography, direction, music etc.. ok then tell me what kind of music did you use?
  9. What is the folk music of Karnataka?
  10. What are the two forms of classical music in india?
  11. So tell me the difference between them.
  12. U said about thillana, wat s it actually? ( I actually used that word somewr and made a mistake, so she wanted me to clarify.)
  • Member 1:
  1. Which state is good for administration?
  2. U say Karnataka, give me 3 reasons, why is it good?
  3. What s that people are cordial in Karnataka, explain..
  4. How can we improve the administration, transparency, etc.?
  5. So wat s governance, good governance and administration?
  6. Wat are the major things in good governance?
  7. Monetary policy.
  8. How do the rupee exchange calculated?
  • Member 2:
  1. So u r from Karnataka, u have Western ghts there?
  2. Wat s bio diversity?
  3. Why is that the bio-div in western Ghats under threat?
  4. So u say industries are not to be encouraged?
  5. Wat s the land ordinance bill?
  6. Wat are the cons?
  7. Why hasn’t the Bengaluru-Mysuru corridor road still unfinished?
  8. Did u hear abt ramasetu project?
  9. Wat s the controversy abt it?
  10. It s also abt bio-div, explain.
  • Member 3:
  1. So u r into the theater field and all, why this random change to become a civil servant?{ Here while explaining, I said, eventhough am very late…., Alaka mam said: u r not very late, that’s fineJ}
  2. So how have this art forms helped you and how would they help u in administration?
  3. Wat qualities do u have to be a civil servant?
  4. Wat s NSS?
  5. Wat have u done there?
  6. By looking at ur DAF, u have not continued ur service after ur degree, why?
  7. U said abt Brahmos early, wat do u know abt it?
  8. What s the name’s fullform?
  9. U r into many arts, but why not sports, do u watch?
  10. So do u watch women’s cricket?
  11. Why s that men and women are separated in all games and not brought together?
  12. But games like shooting, archery, chess etc. has nothing to do with stamena, they are also same, why? Wat do u think?
  13. Describe in one word, Arvind Kejriwal versus Najeeb jung issue.
  14. U call it ego clash!! Justify.
  • {Alaka mam interrupted and asked, wat would u do in such a situation, if u r a Lt. General?}
  • Member 4:
  1. So wr all u have travelled outside ur state?
  2. How do u go to Itanagar?
  3. There are North easterner harassing issues, is that a real problem or a media glare?
  4. U say there s a problem, wat s it?
  5. Race! India is diverse, don’t u respect that?
  6. As a DM wat u do to improve the situation to bring in oneness among north eastners and others?
  7. Is that all u do or anything else?
  • Chairman :
  1. Ok as u have talked abt the races, wat are the races in India?
  2. Wat abt Negroids? Where are they?
  3. Caucasians?
  4. Wat s pyrotechnology?
  5. Last one: those will serve, who will stand and wait. Explain.

Ok u may go laxmiJ

Mam was all the way smiling and responsive.. member 3 was very sweet with a smile on his face always..

Others made me comfortable too. Member 4 never responded for anything until his turn.

{Between mam asked, why I couldn’t remember much of physics, I said: it s abt 5 years I have done my graduation in physics and so can’t remember facts now}


Candidate 8:


1). what are choke points ( named few ) (Yes… these were her first few words ! no formality of reading daf !)
2). are all of them choke points …( sorry mam…. i think only two of them are main choke points )…
3). how does it impact india ….( answered)
4) . What is un resolution on syria …. stand of china ( answered)
5) copyright and copyright provisions ( tried to answer on WTO lines ….)
Interrupted…. no …no … tell me as a layman …. (what the hell is layman anyway )
6). If I steal Beatles tune and sell it …will it be violation (Yes mam….)
7). No… it won’t be (Now realised….. interview is n’t going my way )
8). tell me defence procurement policy (answered unconvincingly )
9). So…. how is this rafael deal u r talking about going to affect Make in india (answered)
10). what is the number of planes after which Mfg can take place in india ( What???? Bhai koi aur member puchna shuru karo yaar )
11). ok leave it….. tell me what are the plans for privatizing railways … (answered…but she isn’t convinced)

Member 1:
How does Tubelight work ….(answered )
why are upa opposing GST ….
No…no… political reasons are fine…tell me some more reasons ….. ( told about how cong. ruled state like Karnataka will lose revenue )…
No …no…. this has been addressed in sunset clause….. tell me more reasons … (pretending to think )
ok…leave it….

Member 2:
how as a PSU head will u be able to handle union’s pressure (started answering with pros/cons…..1 to question dhang ka mila tha )
ok…leave it ….what is disinvestment policy ….. (answered not so confidently )

Member 3:
U were supporting fdi in railway… what is railways’s annual budget ( Bhai ….wikipedia ko ias officer bana do….usko saare answer pata hain .)
Can u guess it ? ( sorry sir…. i won’t like to guess)
Korea visit and impact ….. (answered)
(now.. i am seriously thinking…have they even bothered to read my DAF )

Member 4:

During the whole interview , reading my facial expressions ….

Member 5 :
Food ticket and its impact…. (answered but he still didn’t look convinced )
How as DM will u reduce corruption ( Answered …)
Sirohi bich me fir tapki …..
But how will u have decentralized version of (hain? Bhai website design kar denge …aur kya)
Ok i think that will be all… thank you ….
ANd i seriously thought what just happened……..
I had written in my essay paper that ” in india………we have a huge bunch of talent, but a very poor bench of judges” and i feel i wasn’t wrong ……… SERIOUSLY DISAPPOINTED !


Candidate 9:


Who is your fav poet?and why?
Recite any one poem of wordsworth.
What is the difference between S T Coleridge and Wordsworth?
Both Shelley and Wordsworth have written poem  about the same thing.what is that?
What is the difference between shelley’s bird and wordsworth’s bird?
Who is lucy gray?
What do you mean by “holy cow”?
If They Can’t Afford Bread, Let Them Eat Cake” what is the significance of this statement?

 Member 1
what is the renaissance period ?
which values have been revived during renaissance period?
what is its impact on Indian literature?

Member 2

What is the significance of Rabindranath Tagore?
Tell me something about his education institution?
Can you assess the contribution of tagore and his associates to indian writing in english?
Which type of books do you read?(my hobby)
Which book  have you read recently?

Member 3
What is the place of residence? district headquarter?town?village?
What are the types of local self govt in india?
Recently elcetions have been held up in your state.suggest some electoral reforms?
How will u use “social media” as a DC in your administration?

Member 4

What is the pattern of taxation in india?
What is tax ratio to GDP?
What is gresham’s law of bad money?
Last question …tell me the rules of badminton(my hobby)


Candidate 10:

  • Chairman:
  1. what are the complications of pre eclampsia?
  2. which vitamin is lacking in vegetarian food?
  3. B12 defeciency condition?
  4. which vitamin is lacking in almost all foods?
  5. vitamin d defeciency conditions?
  6. skull features oof rickets?rib features?
  7. osteomalacia?
  • Member 1:
  1. what all cases u have seen kerala?(worked in neurology dept in kerala)
  2. infective condition seen?why they are common there?
  3. how you were treating them?
  4. 11.why aids incidence is less in kerala?
  5. how will you use your work experience in administration?
  6. NAM POLICY?was dat a policy failure?current relevance?
  • Member 2:
  1. which all vaccines you will give to new born babies?discussed about vaccines in detail..
  2. what s d rationale behind different routes of  vaccines?
  3. pentavalent vaccine?components,advantage?
  4. if you become administrator in kumbh mela region how will you ensure the health of the people?
  5. disaster management?mishap during kumbh?
  • Member 3:
  1. karnataka s problem with neighbouring states?
  2. kaveri water dispute?why karnataka s not happy with recent verdict?
  3. if u become member of kaveri tribunal, how will u ensure justice to both states?
  4. belgavi issue?what s the solution?
  5. 371 j?
  6. Are u motivated doctor or motivating doctor?
  7. source of motivation?internal or external?explain..
  • Member 4:
  1. In beef eating countries..cow slaughtering has helped in  the promotion of cows.. what is d economic principle behind it?
  • Chairman:
  1. How MRI works?
  2. difference b/n ct scan and mri?
  4. acts to prevent money laundering?
  5. prevention of money laundering act?


Candidate 11:

  1. Positives on working in Infosys, reasons for quitting work, work environment, time managent, team work, reasons for stagnation of IT sector, opinion on H1B visa restrictions by US.
  2. Monopoly by industries, what are the regulations to control it, which is better liberal democracy or conservative capitalism
  3. Personal opinion on capital punishment
  4. Should merit be given the highest importance, merit vs experience
  5. Recent fictional novel read by me and questions on that book
  6. Satellite communication, weather prediction, uv radiation, missiles developed by India
  7. What is a pulsar


Candidate 12:

  • Chairman:
  1. Which vitamin is found only in Nonveg diet?
  2. What causes if it is deficient?
  3. which is the only vitamin that is produced by our body?
  4. What is the name of the condition caused due to its deficiency?
  5. How does a patient present with rickets?
  6. Why is it commonly seen in Indian’s?
  7. Which pigment is responsible for skin colour?
  8. How much exposure to sunlight is required for preventing rickets?
  9. In Which condition is pearl necklace and cotton ball appearance in the x-ray seen?
  • Member 1:
  1. Do you think that people take up unknown sports ( like roller skating) so that there will be less competition in them and hence can achieve better in them?
  2. Which is the 1 sport you would recommend for Indian’s?
  3. Why are Indian sports persons performing so poorly in international events?
  4. What do you suggest to improve the sports performance of Indians?
  • Member 2:
  1. Why in India, young entrepreneurs are not coming forward to set up business, unlike in foreign countries..?
  2. Why is there a slow down in growth in India?
  3. What is government doing to promote growth?
  4. Is FDI good in India?
  5. What are the advantages of FDI in retail?
  6. Do you support FDI in retail in India?
  7. What is sustainable development?
  • Member 3:
  1. What is this hobby of yours? Collection of stationeries?
  2. How did you develop this hobby?
  3. Is it an expensive hobby? Which is your most priced possession?
  4. What is national pride?
  5. We have flag code… so that people will have respect for the national flag… do you think that it is necessary to have such code to inculcate national pride in people?
  6. How will you inculcate national pride among the people of your district if you become the district collector?
  • Member 4:
  1. Tell me about NHRC?
  2. What is the mandate of NHRC?
  3. What is the mandate of the law commission?
  4. Who provides for the input of the law commission?
  5. Does Supreme court advices the law commission?
  6. —– some question was asked— i dint know, passed it on—-
  • Chairman :( once again)
  1. You have spent 5 years studying MBBS…. you should answer this… Which condition is pearl necklace and cotton ball appearance in the x-ray seen. ( i had not answered it)… she gives me the answer….
  2. — some other medical question— don’t remember…

( opens the constitution book, turns to preamble, reads it out…) why is it mentioned WE THE PEOPLE….. HEREBY ADOPT…..GIVE TO OURSELVES THIS CONSTITUTION…. When the constitutional assembly was not at all representative… majority were lawyers and came from the upper class… and the rest were nominated? The mass in the true sense were not represented only?