Candidate 1:

  • Chairperson
  1. Where have you studied?
  2. Why is convent called a school ? Isn’t it a place where nun lives?
  3. How will you use your instrumentation knowledge in civil services?
  4. Why didn’t you thought of joining IES services?
  5. Tell me the name of some sociologist? Indian sociologist?
  6. Have you heard about Xaxa?
  7. Why running? Do you run marathons? How does it help you
  8. What do you drive?Are you a safe driver?
  9. What is the horsepower of your activa?
  10. Can your activa climb up a hill?
  • Member 1
  1. Tell me your service preference?
  2. Why IPS upgraded and IFS downgraded in your list?
  3. Tell me the cadre preference you have filled?
  4. Tell me problems of one state not in north India.[Assam]
  • Member 2
  1. Theme of republic day parade?
  2. Spoke one unpopular quote and asked who said this?[ Netaji was answer, my college name is based on it]
  3. What is Gandhiji’s Talisman?
  4. Who said Jai Jawan Jai Kisan? What was the context?
  • Member 3
  1. What is the relevance of marriage? [ Socio is my optional]
  2. What do you have to say about the new trends of marriage?
  3. Nuclearisation of families ? why?
  4. What is the impact of this change in family?
  5. What is socialisation? [ My Hobby]
  6. How does it help you in your life?
  • Member 4
  1. What is the community project you started?
  2. If you like teaching then continue with it? Why civil services now?
  3. Who can you make an impact as a civil servant?
  4. As a civil servant how will you transform the education system ?
  5. As a Collector in Assam how will you resolve the problem of Illegal Immigration ?



Candidate 2 :

  • Chairman :
  1. Tell me something about richter scale?
  2. What do you think is the status of Delhi vis-à-vis earthquake preparedness?
  3. Why do you think old Mughal monuments are earthquake resistant?
  4. Where have you volunteered?
  5. You belong to Agra and Agra is a dirty city. You are a town planner, how will you make it clean?
  6. The government has now deregulated diesel prices. What more can be done to stop the diesel-ification?
  • Member 1:
  1. Tell me three important qualities of a public servant? Discussion on those qualities…
  2. What would you have done in case of Jantar Mantar demonstration, where a farmer committed suicide?
  3. What do you read?
  4. Given your hobby is reading and travelling, have you read any travelogue?
  5. Name any Indian traveler?
  • Member 2:
  1. What are the requisites for the success of Swachh Bharat Abhiyan?
  2. What are the planning solutions to solid waste disposal?
  3. Tell me something about smart cities?
  4. How will you make the cities smart?
  • Member 3:
  1. What are the major attributes of leadership?
  2. Is public servant an administrator or leader?
  3. Suppose an ordinary person walks into the office of a public servant, what does the person expects from the public servant?
  4. The qualities that you said a public servant should have; a politician should also have the same qualities. What is then the difference between the two?
  • Member 4:
  1. Tell me the pros and cons of NGT’s decision on banning of diesel vehicles in Delhi?
  2. How will you improve the situation of air pollution in Delhi?
  3. Discussion on Delhi’s BRT?
  4. Discussion on Metro in Delhi?



Candidate 3:

  • Chairman and Members:
  1. What are your plans after interview?
  2. What do you want to do after joining government
  3. Which service do you want to Join(Said IAS)
  4. Tell about brief history of IAS
  5. Where was the exam conducted earlier
  6. Name few Indians who qualified
  7. Recent controversy about shubash Chandra Bose
  8. What is marital rape
  9. Legal provisions in India
  10. In which countries is that a crime
  11. Is that a crime in any neighbouring countries
  12. What did Justice verma committee say
  13. What is the age limit in for marital rape
  14. Name few schemes for health protection of adolescent girls
  15. What is e governance
  16. E governance initiatives of Karnataka
  17. What is Telgi scam
  18. What did Karnataka govt do after that
  19. Any other states with similar initiatives
  20. Difference between AIS and central civil service
  21. When was forest service added
  22. When did J&K get AIS
  23. Dk Ravi case, he did so much was it because system let him do or his personality trait
  24. Aren’t you afraid now, will you do similar things
  25. What is CSR
  26. What is 72nd amendment
  27. What is peoples approach to inter state water disputes in Karnataka
  28. What is yettinahole project, why protests
  29. On what all areas constitution amendments can be done
  30. Recent amendments
  31. What is article 371j
  32. Why HD kar not developed
  33. What are the practicalities in implementing the scheme
  34. Nothing on daf

Overall it was OK, the marital Rape person grilled me like anything, board was cordial, it was a nice experience

Apart from chairman and four people who interviewed, there was one more person in the room simply sitting


Candidate 4:

  • Chairman:
  1. What is R ( my initial ) … Sir dad’s name .
  2. Ok you don’t have any sir name . No sir
  3. Why have you chosen anthropology?
  4. Have you gone to coaching ? Have you read books or any material ?
  5. What pets you have ?
  6. There was some tribal language. . Extinct in andaman ? You remember . Name some tribal language.
  • Member 1:
  1. You are from karnataka? Are you aware of animal corridors ? What is it ?
  2. Why has the animal corridor shrinking ?
  3. Any specific state restriction on transport in animal corridor
  4. Why you seek awareness through ngos ( my hobby )
  5. Name some ngos
  • Member 2:
  1. Tell me about forest dwellers act ?
  2. Why this act useful ?
  3. Was there any judicial intervention ?
  4. What is EIA ?
  5. What is the procedure of EIA ?
  6. Is there any public hearing ? How is it done ?
  7. What are obstacles of EIA ?
  8. Reading development and growth .. what you choose ?
  9. Incase of conflict between administration and panchayat who prevails ?
  10. what is role of panchayat in environment protection ?
  • Member 3:
  1. There is public land, private land and panchayat land. What is this panchayat land ?
  2. Will state government pass panchayat land through it or directly can be acquired by central government?
  3. Regarding animal corridor conflict in North East how will you prevent it ?
  4. What is ignite ( my college festival ) ? How did you organise the festival as a organiser ?
  5. What is the scheme that will promote animal veterinary service ??
  • Member 4:( seemed too technical )
  1. What is black money bill ?
  2. What is the blank money controversy ?
  3. What is the judicial provision of judicial harassment and death ?
  4. When you kid goes abroad for higher studies and comes back to India for PG ? What is the provision ??
  5. What is the role of MCI ?

Chairman : Your interview is over . thank you vijayendra


Candidate 5:

  • Chairman:
  1. You were school red house captain.can u tell me wat was the motto of ur house.
  • Member 1:
  1. Tell me the threats to internal security of india….asked me to explain all.
  2. If world war happens in future it will be wrt water…..wat would u say..
  3. China building dams on brahmaputra….ur opinion n how can it be solved.
  • Member 2:
  1. Which commodities are largely traded either legally or illegally.
  2. Should drug trade be legalised….
  • Member 3:
  1. BRICS and IBSA
  2. Why ibsa needed wen we already have brics.
  • Member 4:
  1. We have a great shortage in defence personnel accross world n do we overcome it….
  2. Chairman:is power scalar or vector.
  3. Diff between ic engine n external combustion engine(im a mechanical engineer)
  4. Difference between supercharger n turbocharger.
  5. Lastly tell me the diff between apathy, sympathy, empathy and telepathy


Candidate 6:

  • Chairman:
  1. What is your preferred service? – IAS
  2. What is your preferred cadre?
  3. Tell me positives and negatives of home cadre?
  4. Tell me oldest language in south India?
  5. How old is Tamil?
  6. Tell how south India was linked to islands in ocean during ancient times?
  7. Tell me the name of the small island name, which is famous of Indian link?
  8. What is unique about India?
  • Member 1:
  1. You have implemented MGNREGA. Tell me positives and negatives.
  2. Some IIM graduates get fat salaries and Govt is spending so much on MGNREGA without creating assets. Which is good for Indian economy? (Supported MGNREGA-demand, rural economy, inclusive growth etc)
  3. Which is your second preference? – IFS
  4. Tell me how UK elections were different? (Answered well)
  5. What is the meaning of United Kingdom? (told about northern Ireland, scot land, Britain etc. Not very confident)
  6. What is your hobby? (morning walk)
  7. How morning walk helped you? (answered well)
  8. Have heard of directive principles of state policy. In which part they are?
  9. Tell me some directive principles. (stressed on article 40)
  10. Tell me three tier architecture of Panchayats
  • Member 2:
  1. Do you know about Gnanpith award? Why it is given?
  2. Tell me the names of non-kannada writers who won Gnanpith? (told Balachandra nemade of maharastra)
  3. Tell me the names of kannada writers who won Gnanpith?
  4. Anybody won Nobel for literature from India?
  5. When did Tagore won nobel?
  6. When is science day celebrated?
  7. Tell me about Sir M Vishveswaraya?
  8. Tell me the energy scenario in India sector-wise? (told top 4 sectors with %)
  9. Tell me the names of some countries where energy mix is different. (told – France and Germany)
  10. Why can’t India replicate?
  11. (Answered all questions well)
  • Member 3:
  1. Where is Kaiga nuclear power plant? Is it near Karwar? (answered correctly)
  2. What is the power output from Kaiga? (told – I don’t know pleasantly).
  3. You should be knowing that cost of power production per unit is more in nuclear plant?
  4. You have studied in RV college of Engg. You should be knowing it is one of the top engg college in Karnataka. How did you get selected. (told – CET)
  5. You have studies in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya. Tell me how many JNVs are there in India. (told correctly)
  6. How JNVs are different from Kendriya Vidyalayas?
  7. For how many years did you study in JNV ( 7 years)
  • Member 4:
  1. You have worked in Oracle, Panchayat Development officer, Lecturer – which one did you like most? (told Panchayat officer)
  2. There are so many problems of rural areas. What are the reasons for these? (focused more on panchayats)
  3. Why Grama panchayats are not working properly? ( stressed on Grama sabha)
  4. As DM, how can you ensure PRIs work properly?
  5. Tell me the major problems of agriculture?
  6. Tell me about problem of land holdings


Candidate 7:


  1. Question regarding my name (there was some technical error, so ……)
  2. Why medical field to IAS ?
  3. Chess ( my hobby.. so…)
  4. How it will help ?
  5. What are fast chess and slow chess.. ?


  1. How do you do post mortem….?
  2. Purpose of post-mortem ?
  3. Requirements of ambulance ?
  4. Why more deaths at pediatric depts. ?
  5. Khap panchayat
  6. Death penalty ? your view ?
  7. What is zoology ( one more optional)
  8. Social and preventive m edicine.
  9. Once again who inspired to write this exam ?
  10. Why dermatology to IAS ?
  11. National IT law ??