Candidate 1:

  • Chairman :
  1. Under which professor did u do your B Tech Project?( as chairman was also from IIT Delhi)
  2. What did you do in project?
  3. How do u calculate seismic force?
  4. What happens wid distance wrt magnitude of earthquake?
  5. Why 5 in delhi and 7.9 in nepal?
  • Member 1 :
  1. Where reinforcement
  2. Why beams depth more than width?
  3. Gst – how does it improve revenues of government?
  4. What is revenue neutrality (didnt know)
  • Member 2 :
  1. Who is peer educator? What did you do?
  2. What are the misconceptions?
  3. Response of students?
  4. College – Hiv Aids student admitted?
  5. What would your friends do if they meet someone who has hiv aids..did your educating them had an impact?
  6. Have you met any aids patient?
  • Touch rugby(my eca)
  1. Black caps
  2. Which states
  3. Why not in other states
  • Member 3 :
  1. How do you get money to invest in roads sector?
  2. Do you think that 3 idiots movie reflects the actual state of IITs?
  • Member 4 :
  1. Why civil services when you can be an asset as civil engineer and role of private sector is also increasing
  2. Land pooling concept?
  3. Do u know about LEEDS program
  4. Which are the green buildings in delhi?
  5. Smart city model – which city model of the world would you like to implement in India?


Candidate 2 :

  • Chairman :
  1. Questions regarding my school
  2. Then agitation in my college (DCE), whether i took part in it or not.– i said i did but in hindsight i think i was wrong then asked about gst benefits etc
  • Member 1 :
  1. Explain more about GST
  2. Tell us about net neutrality and ur view on it
  • Member 2 :
  1. Electrical engineering stuff ( To which i was half correct and he corrected me for the other half)
  2. And then asked what is a decision .. (major blunder here). I tried to illustrate with an example and said it is a decision to join ( My bad ) civil services… to which he said .. it is not a decision but your wish.. to which i corrected and said yes sir… sorry sir
  • Member 3 :
  1. Asked about why i switched company, what is my work about,
  2. How is infosys growth from scracth differs from current growth in companies ( seriously.. WHAT!!)
  3. Do we need Mid cap or large cap companies
  • Member 4 :( i hate him!.. said to all my answers that i am way off the mark)
  1. Why pol science
  2. What is BOP?
  3. He interjects and says NO
  4. What is cold war… before i answer then he says when ws it started .. then added balance of power in that concept
  5. Why did USSR fell
  6. What is perestroika
  7. Yes, there is perestroika and one more… after you answer perestroika i would ask about the other one ( Sheepish smile on his face)
  8. More concept on IR.. what is soveregnity, what is boundary etc


Candidate 3:

  • Chairman:
  1. Which NGO did you work?
  2. What sectors does it work? ( drinking water and sanitation)
  3. Which projects on sanitation did you work. Please explain
  4. Who is the founder of Sulabh International?
  5. What is Sulabh model of toilets
  6. Is there any other alternative sanitation models?
  7. Tell me about the recent Karnataka High Court verdict? ( Jayalalitha case) What is her full name?
  8. Why did Tamil Nadu HC transfer the case to Karnataka?
  • Member 1:
  1. Why is Lokpal needed?
  2. What is Lokayukta? Who is current Lokayukta in Karnataka?
  3. How do you curb corruption in India?
  4. Among all the rights based approach which scheme you think is best? (MNREGA)
  5. Is MNREGA successful? Tell it loopholes?
  6. How do you create better community assets?
  • Member 2:
  1. What is intellectual property?
  2. What is Geographical Indications?
  3. Why is Indian GIs less successful than EU GI like wine etc
  4. Tell me about USA GI. How are they performing?
  5. Why negative balance of trade is bad for India? We can very well import goods?
  6. Why our exports not competitive? ( Long question , he gave example of automobile industry being competitive)
  7. Case: Your are District Collector, there is a calamity( floods) all crops are destroyed and there are no official records about cropping patter in our office? You have to start from scratch. What are the steps you will take? (long question)
  8. How will you finance the crop losses? Tell about National Calamity fund? National contingency fund? Differences? Who gives funds?
  • Member 3:
  1. Why Urban local bodies not able to self finance urban projects?
  2. What are the sources of funds for ULBs?
  3. What is percentage of property tax collection in ULBs?
  4. How can you overcome the shortfalls in tax collection?
  5. What is Solid waste tax and water cess?
  • Member 4:
  1. Why are old age homes growing in India(My hobby is “visiting old age homes”)
  2. What will you do if children abandon their parents and send to old age homes? What is the age of your parents?
  3. What are the laws related to it?
  4. Which war movies have you seen? Did you watch any 16th– 17th war movies( This is NOT my hobby)

Candidate 4:

  • Chairman
  1. What is siddaganga ? Who found the mutt ?
  2. Why anthropology? Did you go for coaching ? Why that coaching? Why not science sub as you are engineer?
  3. List the news items you have read ? I’m giving you the chance.
  • Member 1:
  1. Kannada – namaskara Chetan.
  2. Kolar. Name one problem which you would solve? why?
  3. Explain digital signature in layman terms?
  4. Shivagange betta ? Any unusual you have seen?
  • Member 3:
  1. How do you use ict in rd?
  2. You are explaining what we already have, I want something new?


Candidate 5:


  1. He initially asked abt names of my schools
  2. what have you been doing after graduation..why didn’t u join cisf still as assistant commandant..(ther was long discussion among themselves crpf glorified, civils n cisf ac room jobs ) what’s stress
  3. what is strain

Member 1:

  1. Wat are classical dances, what is old name of bharatanatyam
  2. how old are they ,which one from karnataka
  3. what are reserve forests
  4. envt vs devt which one will you choose
  5. U think devt can be sacrificed to protect devt.. She was in hurry n gave me a feeling that I committed a blunder wen I said I prefer envt..

Member 2:

  1. there is temple with name sri and not thiru in TN.. which is it.. Gave hint saying rajiv gandhi was assassinated ther.. Unfortunately cudnt remember ther
  2. ppp projects in north ktk
  3. asked abt Rti issue of blore airport and what Court said Rastrakavi issue
  4. he gave detailed account of airplane crash.. Asked which company or model of aircraft.. Later they said it’s concord

Member 3:

  1. violence on Women.. Historically
  2. what legislations to tackle this
  3. dowry law.. What is the procedure if a woman is killed or dies due to burning
  4. Wat we learnt from mumbai terror attacks..
  5. Later he only reminded me abt media excess
  6. don’t you think they need to be controlled wen every body else is regulated

Member 4:

  1. what are issues between India and pakistan.. He said only two are issues from list I gave.. Terrorism and kashmir
  2. how can you solve this issue of kashmir.. In btn asked details of issue as I didn’t have clarity on this…

The board wasn’t cordial..


Candidate 6:

  • Chairman :
  1. He asked on my schooling
  2. Where are other Ramnagar places in India(bcoz im frm ramnagar district)
  3. Question on BMS College ,who is BMS,What he was doing,what he did before
  4. Number of bills passed in this session,what are those bills,productivity of loksabha this session.
  5. Which type of songs do u listen(bcoz listening to songs is my hobby)
  • Member 1:
  1. (he is frm Karnataka)Namaskara darshan(im shocked listening to it)
  2. Darshan pls make aware to other members abt uniqueness regarding channapatna(bcoz im frm channapatna)
  3. why public administration(I explained regarding the government scholarship,free coaching,no choice to opt othr subjects bcoz coaching institute offering oly pub ad n geography)
  4. Lengthy conversation fr 15 minutes on this topic(they asked and appreciated abt tat govt scheme )
  5. what is unity of command(bcoz pub admin my optional)example for it,uses frm it
  6. what are regulatory authorities,give example
  7. what is public corporation,what is departmental organisations,give differences and similarities between the two
  • Member 2:(lady)
  1. what is USTAAD(bcoz it has come up in todays newspaper)
  2. what is sustainable development
  3. Questions on skill development,defination of up –skilling
  4. is there will be war for water in future say yer or no?reasons for it ,measures to handle it?
  • Member 3:
  1. clean ganga campaign,is it possible,if yes what are the measures for it?
  2. as an administrator whats ur actions to tackle it?
  3. Lengthy conversation he is making aware of some issues to me.
  • Member 4:
  1. u want to become IAS officer?
  2. after earth quake restoration measures?
  3. Questions on women discrimination,reasons,measures to tackle the situations?
  4. some unique n specific questions on women discrimination 5;as an administrator how ll u handle issues on womens harrasement at work places Ch;thank u ,ur interview is over,the board was very questions which dey drilled me.


Candidate 7:

  • Chairman:
  1. Why gap of 5 years??
  2. What inspires you to take civil service??
  3. What is the tussle in Delhi???
  4. Can former CM of TN Jayalalitha can become CM after 6 months without being MLA???
  5. Ordinance lifetime??
  • Member 1:
  1. What is the net neutrality??
  2. Who is responsible for it???
  3. How IT knowledge can be used in administration and economic development??
  • Member 2:
  1. How often you solve sudoku ?? ( hobby)
  2. What is Siachen glacier??
  3. What happened in 1999 in our border??
  4. Defence area around Coimbatore?? (Where I did schooling and college)
  • Member 3:
  1. Geography of ramnad Dt??
  2. What crops are cultivated in Ramnad Dt??
  3. What happens in TN after JJ acquittal??
  4. What is the HC verdict??
  5. Who is Aruna Shaunbaug?? ( resemblance to my name)
  6. What is the legality behind her case??
  • Member 4:
  1. What is HDI??
  2. India’s rank??
  3. Who puts HDI??
  4. Which Indian economist is behind the index???