Candidate 1:

  • Chairman
  1. What are you presently doing in customs?
  2. Which ports did you visit and what did you see?
  3. Is Bangalore a port?
  4. What is the special equipment used at ICD to manage freight?
  5. Your hobby is caring for elderly? What do you do in it?
  6. (5 to 6 questions specific regarding the hobby)
  7. What is GST? How will it impact the Indian economy?
  8. What are the taxes that would be subsumed under GST?
  • Member 1
  1. Elderly specific schemes and more questions based on hobby?
  2. Then About 5 to 6 questions specifically based on my DAF.
  • Member 2
  1. What is food security Act?
  2. What is PDS system?
  3. What is Niti Aayog
  • Member 3
  1. Name all the disasters that India is prone to.?
  2. How will you manage in case of earthquake. Pre disaster and post disaster?
  3. How will you manage a drought?
  4. How will you manage floods?
  5. What is the preparedness level to manage floods in india?
  • Member 4
  1. Why is chandigarh such a planned city?
  2. Does it have sector 13?
  3. Who designed the city?
  4. There is a famous place near the lake. Tell us more about it?


Candidate 2:

  • Chairman:
  1. You are a science graduate, (BSc) do u know anything about RBI and monetary policy! What is CRR? Why it is used? What it means if CRR is high and if it s low? Y should v control inflation? What is d difference between WPI n CPI?
  2. Do u hav idea abt MDG? Explain it.
  3. U wer kho kho captain! Wat u learnt being captain? How do u use to coordinate between team members?
  • Member 1:
  1. Which s ur fav subject in graduation (out of botany, zoology n chemistry)
  2. Which topic in botany?name some plants which dont carry out photosynthesis?
  3. Tell me classification in plants?
  4. Tell me something abt yoga (my Interest), types jn yoga, which one u practice?
  5. Wat s the difference between yoga, gym nd callisthenics?
  • Member 2:
  1. Why udupi is famous for?
  2. Y C V Raman got nobel?
  3. Y Bangalore s IT hub?
  4. Being a lady, wont u feel its difficult to work in places like Nagaland?
  • Member 3:
  1. Hav u heard of ebola? Wat s it? Hw it spreads ? Nd which countries wer badly hit by this disease?
  2. Tel me main problem of shivamogga? (my district) how will u mitigate it? How will u take steps to conserve water?
  3. Who s ur role model to serve the people?
  • Member 4: (lady Member)
  1. U r a kannada literature student, do u knw anything abt English literature? Nd theory of consciousness!!! (never heard abt this!!) so she explained 🙂
  2. Tel me how to bring down female infanticide?
  3. Tel me something abt pension scheme! (I thought it must b Atal pension yojana)
  4. But she told abt NPS.
  5. Then she asked me to explain APY.


Candidate 3:

  • Chairman and Members:
  1. Rbi n monetary policy… Implications on growth.
  2. Pdma. Why separate from rbi
  3. Public money not reaching to grass root. Cause n solution
  4. Effect of music on health
  5. Generic medicine
  6. How to increase number of doctors
  7. Anti cancer drugs…good or bad
  8. Non communicable disease…. Programme by govt
  9. Kashmir issue
  10. Should govt consider merit or seniority in promotion ?


Candidate 4:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Go through your qualification
  2. What did you do there?
  3. What are you doing since last 4 years?
  4. Any back up plan? Which sector you would prefer for job if not civil service?
  5. I know nothing about quantum mechanics, how would you explain it to me?
  6. Use of quantum mechanics in semiconductor an d increasing the speed of processing? How it does that?
  7. What is quantum computer?
  8. You have vast technological knowledge why IFS?
  9. What it’s role in present context?
  • Member 1:
  1. You have played volleyball? Any other game have you played?(Cricket was not my hobby?)
  2. What is the issue of IPL?
  3. Issue of BCCI? You know who Virat kohli is? What number he play in test cricket? Why he is a captain and not anyone else?
  • Member 2:
  1. You are from MP- how people manage their livelihood without forest?
  2. Name trees which coppice well?
  3. Name five Ntfp?
  4. Have you visited any forest area?
  5. What did you see there?
  6. You visited there as a visitor now if as a forest office what  would do? Why Sultanpur? What can you do for birds? What is difference between National park and sanctuary?  What is IIFM? What does it do? What is silviculture?
  • Member 3:(lady)
  1. What is ozone ? What is ozone hole , where it is , and why it is? Is there any steps taken to reduce it, what is present status? Name chemical which deplete ozone?
  • Chairman:
  1.  you were adjudged as —- award, why? What qualities were there in you and not in others? Is punctually essential?


Candidate 5:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1.  Why you want to leave present job?
  2. Have you done anything pathbreaking in the system?(I was baffled by this question😟),
  3. Some work related questions.
  4. History of Forest services.
  5. Why Delhi more polluted than Mumbai(could not satisfy him on this😒)
  • Member 1:
  1. Taungya system
  2.  Agroforestry D&D
  3.  Wasteland development
  4.  NTFPs
  • Member 2:
  1. Earthquake resistant  roads,buildings and bridges,
  2. Green buildings
  3. Methods of preventing landslides
  • Member 3:
  1.  Which NP visited, what you saw, trekking, ecotourism & adventure tourism difference, Importance of preserving Himalayas, Names of biofuels, Why not using them on mass scale?
  • Chairman:
  1.  Would you like to do Bungee jumping?(I replied NO!)
  2. Why not?
  3. What’s the most daring thing you’ve done?
  4. So would you like to lose 2 yrs seniority in your service for IFoS?? Thank you.


Candidate 6:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. By showing photo- so Hitesh is this u
  2. What r ur qualifications ( I told about btech nd mtech so next que was on mtech project)
  3. Objective of mtech project , results and use of it and some counter que
  4. why Ifos ? ( Later on other members asked questions based on answer of this que- my reply was – Sir I belongs to the rural area and my family has deep roots in agricultural activities so I have attachment to nature since my childhood eventhough at that time I didn’t understand importance of it but later on when I  was associated with the GREEN CLUB of iit bhu during my graduation  in which I participated in plantation programmes and I was the member of PARIVARTAN ( group of students who worked for environmental activities ) in which I coordinated paper bag compaign later on I was associated with the PRAKRITI( group of students in iit delhi) in which I was involved in cleaning campus activities and further I studied  environment related issues in elected courses during mtech in IIT Delhi and during exam preparation when I knew about the scope of this service in regards of tribal development , forest conservation and policy formulation etc , so all these activities created my interest towards this service and secondly it is all India service so it will provide better career growth to me
  5. what is ecology
  6. what is the current activities regarding andaman nicobar ( no idea in which reference he was asking so sorry not aware)
  7. what is coral
  • Member 1:
  1. What u studied in rural development courses in IIT Delhi ( it was mentioned in why Ifos answer )
  2. importance of rural development courses
  3. que on methods of  rain water harvesting
  4. plantation techniques
  5. artificial regeneration ( grafting budding ….
  6. temperate region plants
  7. what are evergreen plants
  • Member 2:
  1. hobby teaching based que- which subject and how it started
  2. coordinated swtt workshop so full form – sawe water technologies and trends so again que on Rain water harvesting- is there any need of conserve water in rainy areas too
  3. geotechnical engg- part of civil engg so he asked que on geothermal energy – India status and sources and then some questions on hot gyeser water spring and active volcanoes
  • Member 3: (lady member)
  1. how u will handle e waste
  2. cold desert plants , problems , we should interfere in it or not
  3. plastic polythene control measures
  4. u belongs to rural area then why engg in graduation why not agricultural related subjects
  5. what India should do to control it’s oil demand
  6. renewable energy targets

Some questions I m not able to recall …..One guy was noting something during whole  interview




Candidate 7:(IFS-2016) 

  • Chairman:
  1. Is this you? (Showing my photo)
  2. Why do you want to join Indian forest service?
  3. (Want to do public service, traditional forest dwellers-most vulnerable etc.)
  4. Why do you want to join government in the first place, why didn’t you go for private sector?
  5. (Told the profits as objective)
  6. Went to comment that then there shouldn’t be any company etc
  7. I gave some answer
  8. What have you done in public service so far?
  9. Explain the symbiotic relationship between poverty and environment?
  • Member 1:
  1. Forestry and agriculture
  2. What is biodiversity?
  3. How do you measure it?
  4. Why social forestry?
  5. How do you afforest hilly and slopy land?
  6. Define wetland?
  7. Define waterbed or something?
  8. Floodplain
  9. SHGs, do you remember any and opinion on that
  • Member 2:
  1. What did you learn in instrumentation?
  2. How can you apply it in forestry?
  3. Some more questions on my projects
  • Member 3: (lady)
  1. How can you make agriculture not impinging on forest?(firewood collection, timber etc)
  2. What should be done for women empowerment?


Candidate 8:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Forest policy
  2.  e-commerce regulation ( worked in  Flipkart)
  3.  why forestry
  4. social forestry types and  joint forest management
  • Member 1:
  1. Why left job?
  2. What ll u choose between IAS and IFS?
  3. Again joint forest management.
  4. Forest policy 1988
  5. Draft forest policy,
  6. Indian forest act…Which year… History of organised forestry in India …
  • Member 3:
  1. Start up India …Why no big investment coming…
  2. Bilateral investment treaty ….
  3. Arbitration…( Background, MBA from IIFT , Delhi)….
  4. Some discussion on Italian marine
  • Member 4:
  1. Wasteland reclamation,
  2. Regeneration of forest, budding, coppicing, tree species in Bihar( home state), salinity, again Wasteland reclamation.