UPSC Interview:

How to prepare for questions related to the State/District?

  1. History:
    1. Ancient civilizations in your state
    2. Recent archaeological sites
    3. Recent places in news
    4. Participation in freedom struggle, freedom fighters and their contribution etc
    5. Happenings after independence till now
    6. Famous personalities and their contributions
  2. Geography:
    1. Climatic conditions –soil, rainfall etc
    2. Rivers and canals –schemes , pollution status, river sharing issues etc
    3. Soil types and the crops grown
    4. Flora and fauna of state
    5. Minerals and ores and industries related to it
  3. Agriculture:
    1. Agricultural statistics – growth rate, % contribution to GSDP
    2. Important crops of state
    3. Irrigation projects and its status
    4. Horticulture, Animal husbandry, fisheries, dairy development
    5. land reforms
    6. Co-operatives
    7. APMC, MSP, food grain stock issues etc
  4. Economy
    1. Statistics – GDP share, per capita income, Gross state domestic product
    2. Share of primary, secondary and tertiary sector and their status
    3. HDI, literacy rates, health statistics and others
    4. Infrastructure of state
  5. Industry:
    1. New industrial policy, agro based industry, forest produce based industry, famous industry of state, labour problems, issues, insurance for workers
    2. Transportation network in state: Roads(national highway, state highway, other statistics), Railways , Airways(international, domestic, etc)
    3. SEZ, corridors, NMIZ etc
  6. Energy
    1. Statistics- Energy mix- renewable and non renewable sources
    2. New initiatives, schemes
  7. Demography of state
    1. Population : Statistics – Total population, sex ratio, population density, decadal growth etc
    2. District with highest/lowest population, District with highest /lowest decadal growth rate of population, District with highest/lowest sex ratio, District with maximum/minimum male/female literacy rates, population/sex ratio(0-6 age group), specific schemes related to population in state
  8. Education:
    1. Statistics
    2. Number of universities in state – medical, engineering, arts colleges, research centres, state board of school education, specific schemes related to education in state
  9. Public health:
    1. Statistics
    2. MDG current status
    3. Rural health mission, urban health mission
    4. AIDS control programme and schemes related to health in states
  10. Others –
    1. Panchayat Raj and rural development,
    2. Water resources of State
    3. Handicraft of state
    4. Welfare schemes – women, girl child, old age, disability
    5. tourist places –eco-tourist places
    6. Religious place
    7. Famous spiritual places.
  11. Administrative set up of state: List of governors, list of chief ministers, departments
  12. Culture –
    1. Folk dances and music, folk songs, folk theatre, instruments etc
    2. Fairs and festivals of state
    3. famous personalities related to these


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