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Candidate 1:(IFS-2016)

Related to my work experience (finance)
Some questions on 2008 financial crisis
Free basics and net neutrality
How could Google help Hillary Clinton in supporting her for Presidential Elections
US withdrawal from tpp good or bad for india
Is globalization coming to end due to protectionism
As a public servant how would you increase public trust
2 people from instrumentals side and 2 from vocals who received bharat ratna (my hobby listening to music)
Impact of climate change on farming in India
H1b visa issue and impact on India
difference between question hour and zero hour
What is operating system
Difference between iOS and android
Insecticide should we use them in forest?
Exotic vs indigenous tree species advantages and disadvantages
Tree species for natural dyes
What is watershed
What is sandal
How to use computer science in forest management
Unesco man and biosphere programs
What is buffer areas
Sal vs teak which is indigenous
How many Tiger reserves
Latest tiger reserve
Why climate change monitoring difficult
Why poverty areas overlapping with forest area
Advantage and disadvantages of monoculture


Candidate 2:(IFS-2016)

Chairman and Members:

What is IUCN?


Wildlife Trafficking

Issue in Chitwan National Park Nepal

Wildlife management in South Africa

Any national park in Europe which is the national border,

Man animal conflict,

What is the mandate of cic, cvc, cbi & CAG,

Why not President rule at centre?

Downside of solar energy,

International bodies for Wildlife conservation


Candidate 3:(IFS-2016)

What is Cross way-Sydeny me koe building

Green building- Definition n features

What specific infrastructure in Green building

Why window large size

Solar enegy use

Recycling of what n how

Roof top water harvesting

Great indian bustard

Khejri… uses n recent problems

Why IFoS

Artisen well… their distributions

Carbon foot print-

Microbiology… oil spil

Rhino related problems

Tissue culture

Current… student politics DU n JNU issue

Indian socio econimy problems

Indian foreign policy related issues… policy challenges

Indo pak relation – love hate relationship

Rajasthan… Dersert related programs


Candidate 4:(IFS-2016)

Member 1:

What is stealth and 5 ques over it. What is nano technology . Use in medicine.

Member 2:

Random ques on AM FM PSK.

Member 3:

Anti poaching. Man animal conflict how to reduce agroforestry in small farms

Member 4:

What is amorphous semiconductor. Agro forestry in chambal .. is it feasible. Urban forestry.

Just 20 mins.

Background. Btech electronics.  Hobby wildlife watching dist aligarh up


Candidate 5:(IFS-2016)

Wildlife action plan


Diff between national park and sanctuary

In situ ex situ conservation

North eastern states and suitable renewable energy plan

Wood based industries

Leather industry

Social media and security forces: bsf row




Tubelight and CFL difference

Why no sock when low voltage but sock on high voltage

Case study based on forest officer

Joint forest management

DAF based questions


Candidate 6:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Which is Ur name and  surname from this?(Maharashtra name format)
  2. Ur degree?
  3. Have u read today’s Newspaper?
  4. He asked two news  and I didn’t know them  ( i read the hindu and he asked news which were in the Indian express)
  5. Lower riparean state means?
  6. What are India-China water related issue?
  7. Latest technologies in Agriculture Engineering?(optional subject)
  8. Precision Farming… concept
  9. Aeroponics … concept
  10. Do plants can grow without soil and water?
  • Member 1:

(My Extracurricular activities: Organising people to solve rural local problems)

  1. How do u do it?
  2. How do u come to know the demands of people? What is it called as?
  3. He told that it’s Rapid Rural Appraisal(RRA)
  • Member 2: lady member…
  1. Trekking …where do u trek?
  2. What flora and fauna came across u while trekking?
  3. We remove some branches and leaves of trees…what is it called ?
  4. Then what is thinning? Types?
  5. Tell some examples…
  6. She told …In teak we carry it for reducing the competition for light
  • Member 3:
  1. Difference bet data and information
  2. Who invented/developed the Android OS.?
  3. U studied PCMB in HSC.tell me how does the water reach in the upper parts of  the trees? Yesterday, the prez of ind said”Universities Should Be Place Of Debate, Not Violence.”
  4. What is the context?what is the issue?
  5. What are the reasons behind such things?
  6. What is Sunshine journalism?


Candidate 7:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1.  What u were doing since 2012( after edu n left work)?
  2. How much u r comfortable with ur graduation knowledge now.
  3. Do u know to tweek google n make election campaign strategy?
  4. Tell about data security, financial issues n addhar based.
  5. Wat r the qualities needed for forest service n which n all u r having
  6. R u outdoor person like tp do trekking or outdoor based activity
  7. In painting wat n all used to make
  • Member 1:(lady)
  1. Why ifos! If selected in both ias n ifs.
  2. Wat s climate change! Global warming related questions based on my answer.
  3. History of forest management in india.
  • Member 2:
  1. Causes of forest fire n steps to control it.  fire in grassland ecosystem is needed or not
  2. Opinion on Environment edu needin syllabus.
  3. Social forestry n success.
  4. Joint forest management.
  5. Apex animals.
  • Member 3:
  1. Wat s biodiversity!
  2. Biodiversity vs wildlife
  3. Wetlands.
  4. Habitat, tell one threatened habitat, mammal, bird.
  5. Do u know about forest service hierarchy?
  6. National n state wildlife board.
  7. Do u know how forest management!
  8. Ngo! Which s best in forest management ngo or forest official.



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