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Candidate 1: (IFS-2016)


Why such cadre pref
Why did you leave such good paying job
ITC… hmm.. do you smoke
What steps you suggest to control air pollution
Govt. spent so much on iitians and here they are.. shortage of engineers ?
Which nonfiction have you read , Tell me the authors
Why arrow in news ?

Other members:
Ecotone, edge effect, NPs in Raj, Chambal Ravines, Trappist-1
kota students suicides, coral reefs, Mangroves species, GSLV vs PSLV, CRISPAR CAS 9
Indo-Myanmar relations, H1B visa, refrigeration, layering, Red tide misnomer


Candidate 2:(IFS-2016)

  1. Why Ifos despite having good job
  2. india’s Geodynamics
  3. How you differentiate in two dead bodies one is naturally dead in the water and killed and throwing in water.
  4. How you differentiate the thumb impression of dead person and alive person.
  5. what is tribe and how many percentage living in forest area.
  6. how you define bioremediation.
  7. forest policy 1988
  8. Wild life protection act.
  9. Forest right act
  10. sitution based 2 questions .
  11. removal of Hugh court and supreme court Judge.
  12. difference between geology and geophysics
  13. Job based questions
  14. difference between all india services and allied services
  15. What Ganga is not cleaned ,problem remediation
  16. pollution in Delhi
  17. what is meta physics
  18. Comment on Your role for managing the forests and people right living those area.
  19. (Bouncer) you have given any interview before this I said no then the lady member asked ohh I wanted to ask the first question which was asked in interview now leave it you decide which question should asked first by the board.I said why IAS ?if you selected in both Ifos and IAS  which one you joined.then she said now tell the answers.
  20. Indo pak relation
  21. Suppose you are forest officer and you have to take afforestation program in private land how you persuade.
  22.  In case conflicts between FRA and Forest protection act which will you prefer.I gold it’s depend on conflict.then he specified suppose a tribal person come to you and said my right is not conserved then what will you do


Candidate 3:(IFS-2016)

Background mech engg


Job related questions


Mining versus forest conservn

Cadre pref

Why ifos

Moef budget allocn

Forest contri to gdp

Southernmost pt of India

Social forestry funding

Eco tourism related general quesn

Languages on currency note

Carbon sinks

Longevity increasing why ppl concerned abt pollution clim change etc

Globalisation and diseases


Candidate 4:(IFS-2016)

Mostly opinion based questions…Like engg. from top colleges is preparing …Is this loss to nature


FA 1927

Hardwork…On Modi’s jibe hardwork vs havard

One memeber was literally drilling….


Candidate 5:(IFS-2016)

  •  Chairman:
  1. Why left job
  2. What is smart grid, smart city, metro city
  • Member 1:
  1. How you provide employment to first dwellers?
  2. Is employment necessary? Indian forest act 1927?
  • Member 2:
  1. Fundamental rights
  2. IPC dhara for murder
  3. HD working
  4. Bluetooth working (I had already explained that I don’t know about electronics)
  • Member 3:
  1. why civil services and ifos, and warned not to give clichéd answers like serving people, how you provide electricity, water and road to forest dwellers ?
  2. If electricity in forest, it will cause glare in forests, what is the solution then ?

My background – electrical engineer (power), worked for 1 year in same field.


Candidate 6:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Tell me about your work expereince. How was it?
  2. Tell me about solar policy of India
  3. How much land does it take to setup 1MW solar plant?
  4. Where is the largest solar plant in India?


  • Member 1:  lady member
  1. Some chit chat..
  2. Why people/students don’t take risk? Is it changing? Why? How?
  3. Compare startup ecosystem from 2012 to 2017
  4. What new policies government has announced?
  5. Have you cleared CSE?
  • Member 2:
  1. You do photography? What Kind? Why not wildlife? What equipment you would need to do wildlife photography?
  2. Tell me about vegetations of  …… tiger reserve.
  3. Tell me about corridors of ….. tiger reserve.
  4. What tribes exist in….. tiger reserve
  5. Why do we need corridors?
  6. What dishes do you like to cook?
  7. What species do we get from forest?
  8. What medicinal plants do we get from forest?
  9. How can finance industry help in forest conservation
  10. How can finance industry help SHG of tribals?
  11. How should CAMPA fund be used?
  • Member 3:
  1. What is cultural ecology?
  2. What do you like in Astronomy?
  3. What is difference between Astronomy and Astrology?
  4. Do you believe in Astrology?
  5. Where do we find Very dense forest in Rajasthan? What is total area of very dense forest?
  6. Tell me about vegetation and fauna of dessert national park
  7. How do we know that a certain place had forest before?
  8. Where do we find coal?
  9. What is species?


Candidate 7:(IFS-2016)

Very basic questions

  • Member 1:
  1. What are you doing since your graduation?
  2. What will be the use of electrical engineering?
  3. What kind of community service you do?
  4. Do you suggest anything to older people in community service?
  5. What kind of trees we planted in afforestation drive and how we informed other people about forest conservation?
  6. What are my subjects for civils and forest.
  7. About wind energy.


  • Member 2:
  1. DAF questions.
  2. Question related to coachings V/s schools, should we close all the schools and create coachings with scholarship system.(explained the question for 5 mins even after I said, yes I got the question, still she continued, was listening calmly)
  • Member 3:
  1. Rotation in volleyball.(DAF)
  2. CDM, and it’s first application in India?
  3. What do you cook, can you name few dishes from your area.
  4. How to tackle the problem of electrocution, cause pochers use high voltage voltage to kill the wild animals (I said divert the line, use sensors, then he said what about underground cables, I said we can use but it’ll be costly for small distances)
  5. About the timing of the seeds to neem plant.
  6.  questions on nursery
  7. forest action plan
  8. forest conservation act (in general and not to go to 1927 or 1980)
  • Member 4:
  1. Asked about the tribes in my area and their relationship with forests.
  2. How will you tackle a project of afforestation in non forest land.
  3. Minor forest produces of your area.
  4. Any medicinal plant from my area.


Candidate 8:(IFS-2016)

  • Chairman:
  1. Why left job?
  2. You studied probability and statistics as a subject in ur graduation. Tell about coefficient of correlation, dispersion, skewness etc.
  3. Situational question – suppose I m posted in a district where there has been outbreak of malaria. How would I make use of statistics to find out whether a particular drug has been effective or not?
  • Member 1:
  1.  How far is Similipal national park from ur place? Have you visited? Have you visited Bhitarkanika? Significance?
  2. Significance of Chilika lake?
  3. There is one nations park which is bounded by a boundary wall. Which is that?
  4. I couldn’t answer. He gave hint. Keoladeo Ghana it is.
  5. Wetlands? Significance? Ramsar etc.
  6. Protected areas in India
  7. How is the performance of WPA act till now and what improvement I can suggest.
  • Member 2 :
  1. Why ifos. Why I left job etc.
  2. Forest fires. How it can be controlled.
  3. Where all have I trekked(hobby)
  4. What is gender equity? What all can be done?
  5. How I can persuade local people towards conservation?
  • Member 3 :
  1. How can public policy help in forestry?
  2. Suppose a river flows through forest area. What policy measures will you take?
  3. Koraput district in Odisha – importance from environmental pov



Candidate 9:(IFS-2016)


  • Chairman:
  1. Tell me the contribution of Navodaya Vidyalaya in our school education system
  2. Why you left Navodaya Vidyalaya and joined Science College Patna?
  3. What was the annual fee charged while you was in Navodaya Vidyalaya?
  4. What schemes are run by government specially for primary and secondary education?
  5. Do you know there is one specific scheme of government related to girls education
  6. What is the full form of NCERT?
  7. You work in coal India limited, what is your job profile?
  8. Which state of India has wide environmental resources?
  9. Tell me the flora and Fauna of Sundarban and compare it with those of Madhya Pradesh
  10. How mining impacts environment?
  • Member 1:
  1. What about the natural resources of Andaman and Nicobar?
  2. What do you know about WPA?
  3. What percentage of our area of is protected under WPA?
  4. Do you think EIA is properly implemented in our country?
  5. What are the classification of Indian forest? Who was Champion?
  6. What do you know about CAMPA?
  7. Do you think compensatory afforestation is the solution to the damage caused to the environment due to deforestation?
  8. Do you know about any national park in Bihar?
  9. How is Terai Arc Landscape different from Western Ghat?
  10. Is there any convention regarding trading of wildlife species?
  11. Is CITES a convention or NGO?
  12. What are the reasons of Leopards entering human habitations?
  • Member 2:(lady member)
  1. You are in technical job and we need technocrats so why do you want to join IFS?
  2. As a developing country we require more specialists than generalists like IAS or IFS. Do you agree?
  3. Are you aware of the SC verdict regarding the Bauxite ore deposit?
  4. Do you think we should give priority to the rights of tribals at the cost of development?
  5. Is there any legislation regarding the rights of tribals?
  6. Is it fair that we pursue the environmental protection at the cost of development where on one hand you see that developed countries have exploited the nature for their own sake?
  7. In the west we see that there are people who have written lot about flora and fauna but in India foresters have contributed less in this regard. Why is this so?
  8. Are you still interested in Robotics?
  9. What are the new technologies being implemented in Coal India Limited?
  10. Why Bihar is not developing at a faster pace. What are the problems?
  • Member 3:
  1. How do you manage the environmental damages caused due to mining?
  2. Is there any problem related to tribals rights at the place where you are working?
  3. How do you manage conflicts arising out of mining activities with local population?
  4. As a forester how can you contribute to mining with regard to environmental protection?
  5. What is one proudest moment in your life? This question is worth answering. I told them sir I am married and the day when I got married was proudest moment in my life. The whole panel starting laughing (it was literally ROFL moment for them). Chairman said while laughing “Niranjan Your interview is over”. I greeted everyone separately and left the room.

Background: Studied in Jawahar Navodaya Vidyalaya till 10th, joined Science College Patna for intermediate. B.Tech in Mining Engineering from ISM Dhanbad. Working at Coal India Limited. Robotics was mentioned in DAF. No question from my optional subject Chemistry and from My Hobby. My home state is Bihar.

Board was very cordial. No question was asked related to current affairs. Most of the questions originated from my previous answer. Interview continued for around 30 minutes.

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