1. Which of following is part of world network of Biosphere?

A. Nanda Devi Biosphere Reserve
B.    Sunderban Biosphere Reserve
C.    Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve
D.    All of the above

2.    Consider the following statements about the biodiversity hotspot?

I)    Norman Mayer is associated with scientists responsible for making the list of biodiversity hotspot
II)    These areas are biodiversity rich and species are endemic to  this area
III)    Biodiversity is under the threat

Which of above the statement is/are true?
A.    I
B.    I and II
C.     I, II and III
D.    III
3. Which of following is hotspot in India?

A.  Western Ghat
B.    Simlipal
C.    Sundarban
D.    Nanda Devi
4. Which of following is incorrectly matched:

A. Sunderban    : West Bengal
B.    Simplipal       : Tamilnadu
C.    Nanda Devi  : Uttarakhand
D.    Manas           :  Assam

5.Which of following statement is correct about the wetlands?

A.  Ramsar  convention is related to wetland
B.    Wetland is area where water influences the environment, plant and animal.
C.    Ramsar Convention was signed in 1971 in Iran
D.    All of the above.

6.    Consider the following statements about the functions of wetland

I)    It stores the flood
II)    It  recharges the ground water
III)    It provides different products such as fish, timber etc

Which of above the statements are true about the function of wetland?

A.  I
B.    II
C.    I,II and III
D.    III

7.    Which of following statement is correct about the wetland in India?

A.   Tso Marari and Chandartal are Glaciated Wetlands
B.    Chilka in Odisha is an example of lagoon wetland
C.    Loktak lake is oxbow wetland it is in Manipur
D.    All of the above
8. Consider the following statements about the Mangrove forests

I)    Mangrove trees grow in saline coastal regions
II)    Sundarban is world largest mangrove forest
III)    Mangrove forest support varieties of life
IV)    Andaman and Nicobar island also have mangrove forest

Which of above statements are true or correct?

A. I only
B.    II only
C.    I, II , III and IV
D.    IV only
9. Which of following statement is true about the Ecotone?
a.    It is meeting place of two different eco systems
b.    It is meeting place of two same eco systems
c.    Density of species is very low here
d.    All of  the above.

10. Consider following statement about the estuary
I)    Estuary is place where the river fresh waster meets with ocean water
II)    This area is highly productive
III)    This area is highly unproductive
IV)    All of the above
Which of above the statements is/are true?
a.    I) only
b.    II) only
c.    I) and II)
d.    III)


1 D
2 C
3 A
4 B
5 D
6 C
7 D
8 C
9 a
10 c

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